First timer,over 300lbs, in need of cheerleaders/friends



  • lucypeearl
    Just curious how are you losing weight? i seem to be stuck.
  • RevNS
    RevNS Posts: 27 Member
    Hi Julie,
    I would love the opportunity to be your friend/cheerleader! It will be so exciting to share in your success! I am here for the long haul, not just until I get my weight down to my target. Like Craig said, this site is different and I am so happy that I found it!

    I will send a friend request.

    Blessings and hugs,
  • mandyneedtolose
    mandyneedtolose Posts: 398 Member
    Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always looking for motivational supportive friends. Please feel free to add me!!!! :)
  • mandyneedtolose
    mandyneedtolose Posts: 398 Member
    Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always looking for motivational supportive friends. Please feel free to add me!!!! :)
  • lovechicagobears
    lovechicagobears Posts: 289 Member
    oh, and take plenty of before pictures, you will want them when you reach your goal :D

    This x 1000. I don't have any pictures of my at my heaviest, and I regret it every single time I post comparison pictures or have a bad day and want to see how far I've come. I didn't take my first "before" picture until I'd lost 15 pounds.

    I started at 357. I weighed around 342-ish in the left side of my profile pic, and the right side of my profile pic was taken a few weeks ago when I weighed 312.
  • cshodges
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    Welcome! Feel free to send me a friend request!
  • JuniperT
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    Good luck to you on your journey :smile: Please feel free to add me, I think we could both use more support.
  • Noradun
    Noradun Posts: 19 Member
    You can do this!!! I will friend you, I need all the support I can get. I weigh 231.4 currently. I was 255.5 at my heaviest and I said enough. I have three kiddoes (7,4,2) and we have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs #4) I am ready to drop this weight!!
  • Royalsbatwench
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    Welcome! Feel free to add me. I'll be here a while. It's not going to always be easy but it will be so worth it.
  • lynnw24
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    Welcome to MFP! Please feel free to add me! I also am over 300 pounds and lost 32 already! I could use some more friends to keep me motivated and I will do the same!
  • upserstar
    Julie! My name too!
    Add me, I'd love to join you on this journey. I am looking to lose quite a bit as well and I do know how F**ng hard these first steps are.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Julie #2
  • LuckBeWithU
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    Welcome aboard.
    I'm 47, lost 52 lbs. with less than 100 to go to my goal. (Staying for more)
    I would love to help support you on your journey.
    I'm very active and committed to doing this.

    Feel free to add me.


  • WildcatMom82
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    I also (mostly) stay at home with two little ones and am nursing my son. I currently work 8 hours a week. I just started the Turbo Fire prep program again, I finished it back in September, but 2 weeks into the regular schedule my supply tanked so I had to take a break. Feel free to add me!
  • KenosFeoh
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    I definitely remember the sitting and nursing a lot, but I also remember a lot of walking around the house and yard, patting baby on the back and bouncing slightly (great workout for the arms), trying to soothe crying babies.
  • Bobtheangrytomato
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    Welcome! @Juniper I love your ticker!
  • SheilaG1963
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    my name is Sheila and I started at 359. I've lost the first 100 and am now dealing with the next 75 or so. It's not easy, don't let anyone tell you it is.

    And, yes, take pictures. I don't have any of me at my worst except for 1.

    Feel free to add me, anyone!
  • gagirl30125
    Hello My Name is Michelle and We can do this!! You have already started your journey and you are doing great!! Don't give up!!
    You are stronger than you think heck your a mother The Hardest but most fulfilling job on earth! I just started my weight loss journey and ready to jump in full force!! We got this--
  • dogo187
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    my heaviest weight was 315lbs...feel free to add me if you like...

    you can lose the weight and get healthy...
  • mblmani
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    Hey everyone. Just give MFP time to work for you. Never a dull moment here. I should know...I've lost 110 pounds using this app and I LOVE IT!!! The encouragement is wonderful, the recipes are fab, and overall, I am pleased with the application that I can run from my iPhone. Feel free to add me....mblmani is my user.
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  • poll09
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    feel free to add x