Advice needed

I have signed up to run a half marathon in April this year - my first one. I have started a training programme for it that I am happy with. I do also want to lose some body fat and therefore want to start strength training as well. Obviously my running training needs to be a priority but I think I could fit in 3 x strength workouts per week, to accompany my shorter runs. I do tend to get very sore for a few days after a workout and I worry that too many squats etc will hinder my running. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a strength programme that will support my running goals but also be effective enough to really help me shift body fat? I can't really afford to hire a PT.


  • Marquism123
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  • Marquism123
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    Am really having no luck here. Usually you MFP'ers love to give out advice! No takers?
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    Okay, so my advice is to buy a cheap DVD to do cross training with. Depending on what you want to do for strength.

    Personally, when I was training for my half marathon, I did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred 3x a week. It's circuit training, and it'll give you a good amount of strength.
    I'm doing her ripped in 30 right now with a little bit of running as I recover from a foot injury.

    I'm also doing some lifting, too.

    My advice is to look up some exercises online, and 3 times a week do some strength. Maybe do biceps/triceps one day, and don't do too high of weight. I do 3 sets with 12 reps.
    If you are worried about squats hindering your running- don't worry about it. Any soreness you feel will dissipate after the first mile.
    And you can always concentrate on doing squats the day before your rest day, and the other days concentrate on arms/abs/back, etc.

    But that's my advice. Cross training is a great way to supplement running- and it's necessary in my opinion.
  • 2hobbit1
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    take a look at stronglifts 5x5 a good beginner program
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    I would probably focus on your half marathon if it's in April. Incorporating strength training now while this close to your marathon... these are two conflicting goals, imo. I mean... sure you can do both, and people do... but if it's a struggle for you to do a half at this point in your running career, then adding in strength training at this point in time is probably going to tax your recovery time greatly.

    It was a struggle for me to run 3 days per week and strength train 3 days per week and I was just running 5K's. I think it depends entirely on your current fitness level.
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    take a look at stronglifts 5x5 a good beginner program

    But you might go with 3x8 instead of 5x5, only 2 days a week and don't add weight as often, maybe every other day instead of every day.
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    If I were in your position, I'd agree with focusing on the marathon. Running itself is a good strength exercise for your legs, so if you do some light strength training for your upper body and wait until after the marathon for your lower body, I think it would work out. I'm no expert though, and this is just my opinion. Good luck!
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    Thanks all for your input - it is appreciated. I will certainly look into those programmes mentioned. I agree I need to prioritize and focus on the running ( I am a novice runner so it will take all I have to complete it). I did a lot of squats yesterday and seriously could not run today if my life depended on it! I can hardly get on and off the toilet!!! I will perhaps look at, as someone suggested, focusing on legs just 1 day per week, before a rest day and making the other 2 sessions about core and upper body training? Do this sound like it would get me results?