What do you think about Weight Watchers?

Hi friends.

I have been struggling with losing weight on MFP with exercise/calorie counting alone and think I could benefit from a structured program. I suspect that I might not be logging things as accurately as I think (e.g. calories burned) and my macronutrients are never where I think they should be.

I have been thinking about joining Weight Watchers because weighing in weekly with a witness would probably increase my accountability, and because a handful of people I know have been very successful at losing weight on WW. I am still learning about nutrition/health and definitely plan to stay with MFP as well, but I wanted to hear some stories that might persuade me one way or the other regarding signing up for WW.

Do you use WW for weight loss? Have you had great success with it?
Do you think it's better for someone who is having difficulty losing weight with calorie counting alone?
Does the WW system work for everyone or do some people find it an ineffective method for weight loss?
Are there any negatives to WW that you've experienced?

I understand that in order to be effective long-term, I'll probably have to count points instead of calories forever... but all lifestyle changes are meant to be permanent, so that's not such a big concern to me.


  • shauna121211
    shauna121211 Posts: 575 Member
    I followed the weight watchers guidelines but I didn't go to the meetings - they actually don't let you unless you are a certain amount overweight, which I find annoying.

    Anyways, to me, I think (besides the meetings) it's basically the same thing as this. Rather than counting calories, fat, protein, etc, you are counting points which are just calculated from those things anyways.

    I got tired of weight watchers and ended up gaining all the weight back, so for me, this has been more successful because I have learned how to eat healthier based on something I can see from a label of food rather than some number that comes from a formula. I lost about 35 lbs in 4-6 months on this website and have kept it off for over a year now and I now understand what my lifestyle needs to be like to stay at this weight.
  • SamiAng
    SamiAng Posts: 23 Member
    I have done the WW thing many times. The meetings became annoying to me, and they change up their points system every so often so you have to buy more materials. I am currently doing online only, but am thinking of just switching to this.
    Weighing in with someone never really motivated me, and sometimes just made me feel worse.
  • Starfish1125
    Starfish1125 Posts: 169 Member
    I did WW and did lose 20 lbs - but I was also single, childless and had endless time to go to the gym :laugh:

    But the last 3 times I tried WW, I wasted $180 on the program because I kept using my points for M&Ms and candy :blushing: I don't like their program because it only counts points and doesn't let me know how many calories I'm eating or how many carbs/fats, etc.

    I love MFP and I am finding myself really trying to eat healthier. I like how I can see what I'm putting into my body...

    And the best part of MFP? It's FREEEEEEEEE
  • greeneyes1014
    i didnt like weight watchers, quiet honestly counting points without seeing what im eating does me no good. i spent 5 months on it and gained 7lbs and i was within points and working out. I started with mfp almost a year ago and was down a good 25lbs, gained back a few during holidays but nothing that has me worried. weighing in with people didnt do me any good. Once i saw a nutritionist and started really looking at portions and what i was eating was alot more benifical. But to each their own,i know alot of people who did great with WW, i guess its all about process of elimination. Just keep in mind, if your not good at tracking calories etc, points wont be any easier. good luck!
  • CKJ118
    CKJ118 Posts: 54
    I did WW 5 years back and lost 60lbs+ and then gained it back within 2 years. The thing that I noticed with myself with WW is that I could eat a certain number of points a day and what is crazy about it is that I could eat 23 points of candy bars or 23 points of vegetables and have the same outcome.....which is what makes it hard to maintain. Basically it is easily manipulated if you choose to and does not solely rely on healthy food choices. That being said.....I have lost 93lbs since late Feb 2012 because I was told to get on blood pressure meds or lose the weight so I changed my whole view from losing weight to living a healthy life and put myself first. I eat to fuel my body and I workout to increase my endurance and strength and my mind is in the right place to maintain this weight loss and stay healthy for good. Wish you the best in your weight loss and good luck!
  • CraigR901
    I have followed WW atleast 3 times over the past 10 years. When I was following it I would loose about a pound a week. I felt that the meetings were helpful and encouraged healthy habits. I did find WW to be expensive though being that I have a limited budget. 13 dollars a week and 50 dollars a month for a monthly pass.
  • RunMickey7
    I had success with WW about 3 years ago. My whole office participated online, and we shared recipes and kept each other accountable. After the system changed to PointsPlus, I tried going back to it since I was successful before, and had gained back all the weight I had lost after I stopped using the program.

    The second time I did not have all the local support. I also got frustrated with not being able to find items in the points database for what seemed like popular foods. This made me not want to track food or just guess at point values--so it didn't feel like I had to do a math problem every time I ate.

    The new PointsPlus system does emphasize eating more fruits and vegetables. I do like the little healthy checks measurement for drinking water, exercising, and for tracking daily F+V servings (it rewards you with a smiley face). :)

    The key to MFP or WW is accountability. It is necessary to be track your food or be congnizant of what you are eating.

    If you are eating healthy and exercising with no results, visit with a dietitian for guidance or identification of other issues. You don't want to eat too low of calories and lower your metabolism--weightloss is such a crazy mindgame/formula! Be sure to communicate openly about what you are eating and be wise with expectations.
  • iSarahMay
    I did WW 2 years ago and that's is how I last my weight with running. However, I got very ill as like others have stated they do not teach about food and nutrition and I was basically eating a really low fat diet and I didn't realise it and after 6 months I was very ill!

    I do not want to put you off WWs but almost all the people I know that are successful on it end up gaining the weight because once they get to goal they stop going to meetings and because WWs have not taught you much about nutrition the weight creeps back on - remember it is a business if they taught about food and nutrition you would not need to go to WWs.

    I believe I have maintained my weight over the last 2 years because once I got ill I did research on what food etc and I learnt that our bodies need a certain amount of fat I then switched to MFP....