Hey everyone! My names Stephanie.I was wondering if anyone has tried the new workout called turbofire.. if so what are your thoughts about it?? I was thinking about ordering it but didnt know if it really works.. would love to here your opinions about it. Also Im looking for new motivative friends.. so please feel free to add me :)


  • AshyyMM
    AshyyMM Posts: 131
    Hey!!! Teambeachbody sells it for $80..
    I was looking in my local walmart..they were selling it for 119
    I decided to download it tonight to see if its worth either.. I will let you know how it goes.. I think I'm going to start it Tuesday...unless I wait..
    I just finished INSANITY today.. and I ordered my Shakeology so undecided if I should wait until that comes in to start TurboFire..or if I will just start and include that when the time comes.. I will keep you posted though as it goes to let you know..either way if I dont start sometimes this week then I will be starting Jan.28th (I'm in hopes that in a weeks time I will have Shakeology lol)..
  • astheygrowup
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    It's an awesome workout and you will burn a lot of calories. There is a lot of jumping so if you have bad knees, just be careful. You can modify if you need to but yes with beachbody they have lowered the price and planning on keep it lower and there are a few different options available when ordering it which is nice.
  • lil_gilliland
    awesome. thanks girls.! Yeah keep me updated on how it goes.. i just ordered mine last night :)
  • kklotay
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    I completed it over last summer. Loved it and would definitely like to repeat it.
  • bryan183
    bryan183 Posts: 1 Member
    Turbo fire is fantastic. Do it!
  • mtbke5
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    I had great results with Turbo Fire. Once it started to get "easy" I added weighted gloves and I got awesome definition in my arms and back.
  • jacinta13011
    I love turbofire, its really motivating and fun ive found that my body actally craves it now!
  • trhops
    trhops Posts: 295 Member
    Turbofire is being delivered to my house today! Can't wait to get home and try it!
  • msorochan
    I am absolutely in love with TF. I started out doing TurboKick at my local 24H, and learned about it through there. I am currently on week 10 and have lost 2 inches on each thigh, about 8 pounds and have less belly fat. I think it's a lot of fun, i love the dance elements, and Chalene is so motivating and inspirational. I would highly recommend it. There are also low-impact alterations you can do that they show you in the video. I just added you so feel free to ask me any questions about it!

    Also, anyone who wants to get into it can feel free to add me or ask questions! I'm not a BB coach but I do believe in this workout program since I have seen first-handedly what it can do so ask away! :)