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Hi! I would like to hear from different kinds of people, both the clean-freaks, and the slobs, and everything inbetween! I have spent much of my adult life unable to do much in the way of housecleaning, and got used to things just being a mess. Well, after losing 172 pounds, I now actually have the option of being on my feet and CLEANING! But I am used to letting things slide, and engaging in my sedentary hobbies (reading, internet!). The TIME that cooking from scratch and cleaning takes up seems to really crimp my style, but I am trying to develop a new lifestyle. I can't fall back on what I learned from my mother -- she had serious health problems, and the home I grew up in was also a mess. So, I would like to hear from people about how they manage their housecleaning.

1.. Describe the kind of housekeeper you are (neat-freak, weekly cleaner, clean sometimes, get behind on housework, or a bit of a messy).

2. How often do you do various chores, like mopping kitchen, cleaning oven, scrubbing toilet and tub, etc., and how long does it take you?

3. How important is keeping a clean house to you? Would you rather let it slide and do more fun things (I mean, really, does the floor have to be freshly mopped every day?), or do you really think it needs to be squeaky clean?

4. Do you have any favorite cleaning methods or cleaning products you would like to share?



  • 1.. I am more clean than not and cluttered - but in an organized fashion.

    2. I usually clean here and there every few days so that the house is always somewhat respectable in case company should pop in on a whim.

    3. It depends on how anal and Type A one is. I think floors and rugs/carpet can be cleaned once a week - however, as I have 2 dogs - it's more like, I'm spot cleaning every few days (especially as it's muddy in the backyard).

    4. I love cleaning the kitchen for some reason, I always feel so accomplished after the task is done. I love good sturdy sponges, wet wipes, and kitchen rags.
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    1. I clean my room and bathroom once a week. Sometimes I go a little longer if I'm busy, but I try to straighten things up when it gets too cluttered.

    2. I live in an apartment with two other roommates. One of us cleans the sitting room and the kitchen one a week.

    3. I like when everything looks presentable. I get stressed out when there is stuff everywhere. I would never leave takeout/dishes out overnight, nor would I let an overflowing trashcan sit around. But when it comes to vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, once a week (sometimes a little longer) is enough for me.

    4. Not really, but I am a big fan of air fresheners, especially in my bathroom. Everything seems cleaner/fresher to me if it smells good.
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    I think I'm in the category of neat freak - BUT - I am also a minimalist and keep a clutter free home. I don't let magazines and newspapers pile up - I recycle them as soon as I'm done reading. And I don't like lot's of objects out and about. If I"m not using something, I get rid of it - via donation or passing on to a friend.

    I generally vacuum, sweep the hardwoods, change the sheets and towels, and clean the baths (toilet, tub, mirrors, sink) once a week. It generally only takes about 45 minutes, tops. I mop the baths and the hardwoods (kitchen, too) about once a month.

    I empty the trash several times a week in the baths.

    Dusting is usually an every other week thing.

    Cleaning the oven is generally every 3-6 months or on an "as need" basis.

    On how important a clean house is - well on a scale of 1-10, probably a 8. I've always been neat though. Both of my parents are exactly the same! But, I don't spend in inordinate amount of time on it, either.

    Favorite cleaning products...anything chemical free! You can find good prices on Method and Seventh Generation at Target or other Big stores.

    We're also a two person household, and have a 3/2.
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    After my husband got out of bootcamp he was so used to everything being perfectly clean. I had to step my game up! But... Mop 1-2x weekly, never a sink full of dishes, clean countertops, and scrubbing bubbles for the shower are AWESOME! I clean about an hour or so a day. Most important thing is to get rid of trash/excess packaging/ junk mail AS SOON as it enters your home. A clean home makes me happy and more relaxed. Plus, those are calories burned! That's why I do dishes by hand.
    I've heard some saying that a home must be clean enough to live in, but messy enough to feel comfortable in ;)

    *by mop, I mean I use the swiffer. It's easy and works better on our floors.
  • I love seventh generation!
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    1.. I'm a bit messy, but weekly the house is straight. Top to bottom, bathroom scrubbed, etc. I have a roommate and we swap off

    2. The dishwasher and Roomba run every day, the dish drainer is emptied every morning. I mop...every other week? Ish? Counters get wiped down daily. Laundry is once a week. My bedroom is a wreck with my cosmetics and stuff on my dresser. Timeline - I can clean the kitchen in 30 minutes, my room tidy enough in 20, and mop the first floor in 30. The full bathroom tends towards 35-40 because of the scrubbing and spray and wait stuff, but I can clean the guest bath in 5.

    3. Not very. I don't mind if people come over and I'm cooking and the sink is gathering dishes, I have stuff scattered, and the place looks lived in. I mind if the house is TRASHED and I'm embarassed. But there are BETTER things to do. OTOH, I have no children and no pets

    4. Try un(ef-you-see-kay) (spell out the parenthesis, sorry for the cussing, but a great motivational site), or I like Method cleaners from Target. And the most important thing is starting a routine. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and it'll all start coming together. Roombas are AWESOME I LOVE MINE.
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    It's kinda funny-I've been diagnosed with mild OCD but I swing toward the hoarding direction versus the neat-freak direction. My mom on the other hand is also OCD but she's the neat freak. It makes living together interesting.

    1) I'm typically cluttered but cleanish, if only because I go back and clean up after myself. My place will look lived in.
    2) I'll sweep, spot-clean the floor and counters and wash the dishes once a week (or more, depending). I don't have a tub so no go on that, I don't have a toilet brush (mom stole our only on when we moved and got separate bathrooms) and we rarely give the oven a scrub down. Tinfoil on the bottom for a reason. When I did have a tub, that'd be a once a month affair.
    3) It doesn't need to be squeaky clean but it does need to be presentable. I'm not going to have guests over and have the house in shambles, for example.
    4) For getting grime out between tiles-toothpaste! Also, magic erasers are a gift.

    Granted when I'm clinically depressed this all goes out the window.
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    I like my home neat and organized. The kitchen and bathroom - clean once a week (about an hour). The rest is really only vacuum and dust - which is about every other week. Deep clean twice a year (an entire weekend).

    Products: I use a micro cloth with hot water for dusting, cleaning mirrors, windows, etc. I like that it picks up the dirt instead of putting it back it the air. Swiffer dusters to me are a waste of time and money. I'm not a fan of chemicals.

    The only item in the house that gets the chemical treatment is the toilet. I like Lysol toilet cleaner.

    It works for me.
  • I'm a neat freak, clutter makes me feel really anxious and stressed out. I have two small children, so I feel like I am always cleaning, but really its not bad. I don't like to have anything out, like junk sitting on counters, mail or magazine stacks, laundry not folded and put away. All the kids stuff has a place it belongs, so it doesn't look like a daycare in our living room. Its a personal thing of course, but I really struggle to understand how having kids in an excuse to be messy! We have tons of fun, but always clean up at the end!

    I typically clean the bathrooms 3 days a week, vacuming on those days as well, and the kitchen gets cleaned everyday. Trash is taken out nightly, as is recycling. On fridays I wash all the bed clothes, bath towels,rugs and the couch slip cover (its white!)

    I'm very firm on making certain the house is tidy before my husband gets home from work. The kids know to walk around and pick up any toys, or whatnot that they forgot. I usually clean up my dinner prep mess, fluff the couch pillows and turn on the fireplace. Its a simple thing that we can do to welcome him home, and show we care about his day at work. Who wants to come home to a mess?

    My fave cleaning products are, Bar Keepers Friend, Folex Carpet stain spray, Lysol Kitchen and Bath spray and BLEACH!!
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    Here's a site you might like - It gives a lot of tips on cleaning and organizing and how to do it in a short amount of time.

    List all your tasks and tick the option 'chain: longest gap' and chain: longest chain.'

    It gives you 'points' each day, so you can see how well you're doing.

    I use it for silly things like 'make bed', 'do laundry' and 'hoover'.

    - Oh, also make a private tumblr (or another blog) and every so often upload photos of your rooms. I mean initially photos of it looking like an episode of Hoarders. It's somehow more shocking. Then clean the house and always look back at those photos to remind yourself what happens if you don't. I do this!
  • Here's a site you might like - It gives a lot of tips on cleaning and organizing and how to do it in a short amount of time.

    Beat me to this- was going to recommend this myself.

    I like her tip: set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much you can accomplish in ONE room in that time frame.

    I have my own cleaning business- and it's the only job I've ever had that I've NEVER pissed someone off EVER.
    Who comes home to a clean house, and throws their hands up in the air, saying, " Oh GREAT....a clean house...ugh....???"
    Answer: NO ONE.
    I ♥ my job.

    But does my OWN house look as good as the ones I do for other people? Uhhhhhhh, no.
    The cleaning lady around here is pathetic I tell ya.

    Feel free to friend me.
    I'll give you tips all the time, I'm always learning them myself.
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    I am I clean freak 99% of the time.
    I've been known to take a day off once in awhile.
    My major cleaning, mopping, bathrooms etc I try to do once a week. Since I have a cat I tend to vacuum/sweep every day or every other day.
    A quick daily clean up would maybe take an hr and include sweeping/vacuuming. Washing counters and dusting. And putting away clutter or my husbands messes lol

    I am highly organized,bit of ocd, and things out of place bug me. Also clutter and unused spaces drive me nuts. I have maximized every inch of our new house and condense our stuff regularly :-)

    On a day I clean from top to bottom it takes a couple hrs and ends up leading to reorganizing things which makes it last all day.

    I do slack on cleaning the fridge and showers since it hurts my back but the rest stays pretty clean. People laugh when I say I cleaned because they never see a mess.

    When I first hurt my back my brother came over to help me clean and could find anything he thought was dirty. Said he was pretend cleaning lmao

    That's great how much you have lost! And enjoy your ability to move around again. Clean relieves stress for me and makes me feel productive which makes me happy. And never having to look or dig for something is really nice too :-) keep up the great work!
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    Oh forgot clean products. I use all natural products like seventh generation. And I love, love, love my floor steamer :-)
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    1.. Describe the kind of housekeeper you are

    I'm a total slob.

    2. How often do you do various chores, like mopping kitchen, cleaning oven, scrubbing toilet and tub, etc., and how long does it take you?

    Weekly, over the course of Saturday/Sunday. It takes me all *kitten* weekend.
    3. How important is keeping a clean house to you? Would you rather let it slide and do more fun things (I mean, really, does the floor have to be freshly mopped every day?), or do you really think it needs to be squeaky clean?

    i'm happy if things just aren't disgusting. I live with 2 men, 2 kids, a 110lb fluffy dog, a cat, a rabbit, a dozen aquariums, and my own messy self. if you can walk into my home and it doesn't smell, isn't cluttered like an episode of Hoarders, and doesn't have visible grime on EVERY surface, then I'm content. when I have a light enough cleaning weekend, i'll do deep cleaning like pull out appliances, or *cringe* organize a closet. Those are the experiences of nightmares.

    Nothing in my home has ever been "squeaky clean"
    4. Do you have any favorite cleaning methods or cleaning products you would like to share?

    I kick the men out of the house, coerce the kids into helping, and blast Jethro Tull. It's the only way to survive housework without killing myself.

    I'd much rather do ANYTHING else but clean. In fact, I'm pretty sure I like working out more than I enjoy cleaning...and I hate working out with a passion that defies words.

    But cleaning, like exercise, is an activity I have to engage myself in just to keep me and my family from falling apart.
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    You ladies are all fabulous! I have enjoyed every single story, and I will be printing this out for future reference!
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    Hey I got on!
    Clutter is like a monkey on my back until it's put away, donated or dumped.
    I prefer clean surfaces, and clean floors.
    Having said that, I live in a relatively small home with my hubby a 15 & 17 year old.
    Even though I often comment on the state of it's untidy ness, I am reassured when I see other people's homes so as my boys tell me our house is not untidy.
    The bathroom, shower, toilet sinks etc are looking pretty over due when I get to them once a week. I often have to do the toilet/ vanity mid week. So that and the floors are a "Wednesday" job! - My day off. Dusting the living room also. I sometimes skip dusting in the bedrooms but It's on my mind each time I go in there!
    The kitchen is cleaned after every meal and all surfaces wiped down. Just lately I have been in a ( bad habit of letting dishes air dry in the rack, but I prefer to tea towel them and put it all away.
    I spend a lot of time cooking, everything from scratch so I often just clean up one lot and begin the next!
    We don't have a dishwasher.
    The patio - outdoor living room needs a sweep and a wipe down 2 x a week, mainly from leaves blowing in.
    Beds are made each day and clothes hung or in wash bin. Washing is done 2/3 x a week. ironing once a week. ( Sunday afternoon)
    Screens removes and scrubbed,and windows cleaned inside and out only done around 3 times a year, I'd like them done each season.
    I'm much happier when my house is as I like it. The marks on the pale tiles irritate me if I don't get them mopped, once a week.
    I clean the white leather couch every couple of weeks too or it looks greyish to me.
    A small home looks bigger when it sparkles, and it closes in if it's cluttered.
    Inside my pantry is all lined organized and lined up, also I have a method to how I hang my clothes and store my accessories. etc. Again I think if our house was bigger I might be a little more relaxed, but storage is at a premium.
    My hubby is a neat person and the boys have to comply so there are never any wet towels on the floor etc. However on e of my sons has a bad habit of leaving every cupboard door open after he's been in there. Which I constantly call him back to look at the scene! This seems to amuse him.
    If I was at home more i think I would maintain a really, really clean house. but working and juggling the kids stuff,and the cooking ( which I enjoy) seems to eat up my time.
    If I'm entertaining want EVERYTHING done,all hands on deck!!
    Not to mention the time I spend on MFP and Pinterest!
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    1. Somewhere between neat-freak and once-a-week cleaner

    2. Big things like the kitchen floor or bath tub I only do every few weeks, vacuuming, toilets and major dusting once a week, light dusting and laundry multiple times a week

    3. a tidy house is important to me, a messy house makes me stressed out. Tidy is more important to me as long as everything is reasonably clean.

    4. I'm big on just microfibre cloths for dusting as I have allergies so I don't like using sprays and chemicals.
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    Congrats on your weight loss and your new life with more energy and movement!

    I'm a clean freak, but not a minimalist. That said, there are more important things to me than spending all my time cleaning. My motto is this:


    *** BEST how-to book: Speed Cleaning (by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team).

    *** Great website: Marla Crilley's

    *** Great book for those who live with stubborn family members: The House That Cleans Itself

    Great way to minimize constant kitchen cleaning: Cook once a week or even once a month. Right now I do mostly weekly cooking. It maximizes healthy eating options and convenience plus it minimizes the cleaning time. There are a number of great websites on once-a-month (OAMC) and once-a-week (OAWC) cooking.

    Most cleaning products are full of dangerous, toxic chemicals - better than salmonella or E. coli, but worse than dirt. White vinegar (not on marble) and baking soda are fabulous cleaners. Seventh Generation products don't work that well for me, though I do use them. Method products work fairly well. BarKeeper's Friend I rarely use, but it IS great for rust and other stains.

    I clean the bathrooms twice a week and the kitchen after every meal. I hired a high school student to clean the bathrooms once a week as well. It gives her a job with a small income and gives me a little time to do something else I enjoy more for that hour or so.

    One last thing: I make a game out of anything to compel myself to go faster and faster. If I can effectively scrub the tub in 5 minutes, can I do it in 4 the next time and still have it as clean? It makes things FUN and effective, and I get more time in the end to do things I would rather do than clean.

    Enjoy your freedom!
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    I am somewhat of a neat freak but not too much. However, I do have to unload the dishwasher as soon as it is done and clean the kitchen immediately after meals.

    I typically clean bathrooms once a week. But I organize other rooms and tidy them up daily. I also vacuum every night. But this is mostly because I have two toddlers and they always manage to find something somewhere.

    I feel much more relaxed with a clean house. I enjoy tidying up and making the house presentable for whoever comes by. I also feel that it is important for my kids as well. I also enjoy it once in a while as a stress reliever.

    I don't have any one particular thing I use. Just depends on what I am doing at the time.