Healthy Cheap Tacos!!!! MUST READ



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    For that authentic Taco Bell taste it must come in a tube
  • Tubes of meat?

    had a look and im from the UK and cant find this :o your recipe looks lush any idea of another ingredient I can use? x
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    Tubes of meat in tacos. Sounds about right.

    Just wanted to make sure this wasn't missed. Well done.
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    tubed meat reminds me of my grandparents eating ham salad (sandwich spread) out of them when I would go visit during the summers. the sound that stuff made as it was coming out was so nasty. the smell wasn't much better.
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    I have a tube of meat....
    that's what he said. lol
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    mmm meaty tube!
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    Why not just use ground turkey? That's what we do! We have learned to really like it. We don't buy beef any more.
    That stuff is gross.
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    For everyone who has no idea what tubes of meat are, they are quite basically one pound of meat... in a form of plastic packaging that makes it look like a horrible tube...

    We have them in our grocery stores here in Canada, as well. I don't like them because I can't see what's inside - instead, the packaging is covered in continuous raw ground meat graphics. I wanna see my meat!
  • Sorry people...Tubes of meat are really just pre-portioned packaged ground meat from walmart. It's like a pound or so? It's a lot cheaper to buy them than flats of meat.
    Also, I hate plain ground turkey.
    Mixing it with beef gives that beef flavor that I am used to, but the turkey cuts out a lot of fat & is really cheap.
  • 1 tube of 93% ground beef (I use chuck or sirloin)
    1 tube of 99% fat free ground turkey
    1 packet taco seasoning
    fat free shredded cheese
    fat free sour cream
    low-cal tortillas (I use el milagro yellow corn tortillas. 50 calories a piece...but they are so cheap and taste great...also all natural)

    Just mix ground turkey and beef together in a bowl. Brown up in the skillet with taco seasoning. Heat up tortillas in a skillet or the microwave. SO yummy! And depending on how much cheese you use...Very low cal. I had 3 heaping tacos for 400 calories! So really only a little more than 100 calories a piece if you watch what you are doing.

    PS I couldn't taste the turkey! :) SO GOOD. You could even sub more turkey in and only use half the tube of beef. Seriously couldn't tell the difference.

    I use ground turkey (1 tube)
    one low sodium packet of taco seasoning
    Pico De Gallo
    100 calorie packets of guac
    low fat cheese
    low fat sour cream
    small tortillas (80 cal ea)

    I eat about 3 tacos no cheese or soucream
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    In all seriousness -

    1lb ground Turkey
    1Medium Yellow Onion
    1Tbls Garlic
    1tsp Paprika
    1tsp Cumin
    1Tbls Red Pepper
    Salt & pepper to taste

    you forgot the fresh cilantro!
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    Skip the tortillas and sour cream and make a taco salad.

    ^This... And I like to add some black beans and avocado.
  • Adding to is kid and husband friendly...Kids won't really like a taco salad with gross ground turkey lol
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