Want to join a group for accountability?

Hello Everyone! Does anyone want to start a group to keep each other accountable? I need to lose 50 pounds, and I thought it would be fun to get a group together to do challenges, weekly weigh ins, etc. Thoughts?


  • CausalNexus
    CausalNexus Posts: 18 Member
    I'd be interested!
  • aaanderson
    aaanderson Posts: 5
    Count me in!
  • sarah061
    sarah061 Posts: 64
    This sounds like a wonderful idea, I'd love to join! I need to lose about 10 lbs and make exercising a part of my everyday life. It'd be excellent to be held accountable - that would help me a lot :)
  • tscholar
    tscholar Posts: 9
    Sounds like you were reading my mind! Count me in :smile:
  • Melanie1967
    Melanie1967 Posts: 238 Member
    Pick me! I started here 3/18/10. I needed to loose 97lbs then. 71lbs yet to loose, and I will take all the help and support I can get! Thanks
  • themetra
    themetra Posts: 174 Member
    Absolutely - would love to! I haven't joined a group yet, so what does this entail? :happy:
  • ldr0024
    ldr0024 Posts: 7 Member
    Great! We can start tomorrow or next week! Some ideas can include:
    1. Daily updates on MFP
    2. Weekly weigh ins
    3. Challenges

    Anyone else have any ideas? This will be fun! :)
  • bonitatica
    bonitatica Posts: 34 Member
  • megatron123
    megatron123 Posts: 18
    Good idea. I'm in!
  • melliz73
    melliz73 Posts: 14
    Would love to...relatively new to this...how do you join a group?
  • lknorthstar
    lknorthstar Posts: 132 Member
    Good Idea!!
  • MFPfriend
    MFPfriend Posts: 1,121 Member
    I'm in. I really need to become more accountable. I lost 35 pounds here once, then gained it back. It's a lot harder the second time around!
  • Sounds great! Count me in. =] I was looking for a group to join- I'm new to MFP and need to lose 60+ lbs