1 Year on MFP First time posting pics

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Heaviest 189 by spechtmr, on Flickr

175 by spechtmr, on Flickr

13 - 1 by spechtmr, on Flickr

142 by spechtmr, on Flickr

GOAL WEIGHT 130-135..Coming soon !


  • Soloflyergirl2
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    You look great..... healthy..... beautiful!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • thats awesome! id like to be back to 140 my self but i got a while to go
  • You look fabulous!! Love love love your scarf too! :happy:
  • denice0414
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    You look AMAZING!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! :)
  • Machdude
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    Fantastic job! Thank you for introducing me to MFP! Almost there - keep it up!
  • allenhandley
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    You look great. Keep up the good work. Your hard work shows.
  • bearwith
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  • Rockytop_relic
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  • kristy6ward
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    Today is my 1 year anniversary as well. Awesome job.
  • Feisty_Red
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    Yay! Good for you girl! Wonderful progress!!!!
  • sam308lbs
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    you look so young and gorgeous...way to commit:flowerforyou:
  • WOW! :D U look great!
  • congrats you look great my starting weight is 190 it's the heaviest I've ever been how did you do it
  • 3tmom3t
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    you look great and the improvement in self-confidence is very evident! Thanks for inspiring me!
  • glahlstedt
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    You look fab!:flowerforyou:
  • Skinny_minny_mo
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    what a difference!!!

    you look stunning :)
  • JO4IT
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    Looking good! And rockin' the scarf!
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    Happy Anniversary :flowerforyou: . Nice duds on the last photo, love the scarf, the shoes, the sweater, jeans...all of it. fashion is one main inspiration in weight loss and i'm glad to see that the clothes already start looking cute sooner than my goal weight. I THOUGHT I was starting at precisely 189 your start weight because I held that weight for awhile after some surgeries packed on weight a little more each time. Unfortunately I weighed in at 200 lbs this week so I guess I started this just in time because I was going up I guess.

    My husbands goal weight for me is 135, same as you're goal weight. However my goal weight is 120 because I've seen myself that way that was always my usual weight and he never has. Wanna show him something special. When I get to 135 he's gonna recognize that I looked like I was when I met him, but I'm gonna tell him just wait "Now you're REALLY gonna see something!"

    Congratulations, you look great and you WEAR it well!
  • jdforshort
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    Wow! What a change and you look lovely! Inspirational!