Sweet Potato vs Normal, yellow potato

I'm thinking of trying to switch (not completly but as often as I can) from the yellow potatoes to sweet potatoes. Because I think I have heard that they are healthier for you. And the way I usually eat them is just roasted in the oven with skin and without ANY added salt. So yummy! Is this true? And if so what are other healthy and simple ways to cook sweet potato?


  • I cut them into chips, spray on olive oil and toss them in seasoning and roast them in the over. Sweet potato oven chips, truly yummy x
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    Cut them into 1" cubes. Roast in oven for about 15 mins. Pull out add green beans (fresh), a little olive oil and some seasoning. Roast until potatoes start to brown (maybe 15 more mins). Pull out again, add dried cranberrys and pecans, roast for another 5 mins. Wonderful!
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    Thank you for your input! :)
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    Yes sweet potatoes are more nutritious - full of betacarotene and vitamin C. Here in the UK sweet potatoes count towards your vegetable intake, white potatoes do not. The best way to eat them is with the skin, as you are, it contains compounds which slow digestion and reduce the GI.
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    They are good cubed up in chili.
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    Sweet potato baked for 30 mins with skin. It is my main source for carbs...
  • boiled and mashed is quite nice. Add a little chilli sauce if you like your food spicy. They are also good in soups.
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    I boil and mash mine only because it's the only way my kids will eat them, so I'm good with that. We usually have them about twice per week - yummy!
  • Sweet potatoes are good cubed in salads, soups, chili, stuffing, mash, soup.

    Often I just cut them up into strips and roast them.

    I love cutting them into matchstick-size pieces with diced onion to make a hash on the stove. Cook until almost done and make a few holes for each egg. Once the eggs are cooked to overeasy, scoop onto a plate and enjoy.
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    I find that baked sweet potatoes are even more delicious if I rub them with olive oil before baking.
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    I peel then, cut into cubes and microwave until tender (10 minutes for a large bowl of them), then i toss them in a frying pan with a little real butter and pepper, delicious and faster than the oven
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    normal potatoes are nutritious also but the reason i eat sweet potatoes is because i add 30-50cals of butter and it taste heavenly where as a normal potato i would have to add 500cals of butter & sour cream to make it taste good

    i steam mine in a rice cooker, mash them up, add little butter, winning.

    MAKE SURE TO BUY THE ORANGE ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm in love with the orange spuds myself. Never roasted them (but will try!) and usually just microwave them and add butter, salt and pepper.

    The hash idea sounds HEAVENLY!
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    I eat my sweet potatoes cut into french fry sticks and bake. I also like a tad of orange juice in my mashed sweet potatoes
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    They are good added to stews and soups in the crockpot.
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    I switched ten months ago and now I love sweet potatoes. I like them baked with either sour cream or cinnamon and butter. So good!
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    General consensus:

    "Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew."
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    Normally I can't stand sweet potatoes. I always think I'm going to like it because I like sweet things and I like potatoes so it sounds like something I'd like but then I'm disappointed. EXCEPT for this one time my friend made mashed sweet potatoes and they were delicious. She put maple syrup, cinnamon, and cumin in them so I'd recommend finding a recipe that using those ingredients.
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    I had some sweet potato fries at a restaurant a couple weeks ago and they were cut into really small fries just crispy on the outside and mush on the inside but they used cinnamon and drizzled a tiny bit of honey over the pile. They were actually really good, the honey threw me off a little but the cinnamon brought them back to yumminess! Together it was delicious!
  • General consensus:

    "Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew."
    Love lord of the rings quote!

    For a treat, I put them in the oven until they are a touch crispy then dip them in honey. It is awesome!