One year, 96 pounds down! (Pics)



  • awake4777
    awake4777 Posts: 190 Member
    Still very glad I did it.
  • Your last sentence says it all. Just smaller portions. Fantastic job. Almost 2 pounds per week is commendable. I recall someone about a month ago who started on MFP and exercised for three days with no weight loss, then was ready to give up. Three days! Long journeys are accomplished one step at a time. You are a role model for all of us.
  • WONDERFUL Story!! Congratulations!! You deserve a big HUG. Your pictures are Beautiful - Keep up the good work! I have just recently started and your story so inspired me! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Fantastic! Amazing job and keep it up :-) you have a great glow!
  • IronKitty
    IronKitty Posts: 121 Member
    Congrats!! You look amazing and an inspiration! xx
  • StephTheBookworm
    StephTheBookworm Posts: 177 Member
    Awesome job,

    question did you have any weight loss stalls where you didn't lose any weight for a week to a month?

    52 weeks
    1.85lbs a week averaged for the first year

    To answer your question, YES! Lol. I just broke a month long plateau this week! It's very discouraging, but you just have to keep pushing - the stall won't last forever. :)
  • You look AMAZING Steph!!! I am so proud of you. It's amazing seeing the difference. You are an inspiration to women everywhere and I am so happy to say I know you! I can only hope to follow closely in your footsteps!! =)
  • llpttp38
    llpttp38 Posts: 8 Member
    Great job! What a inspiration, I needed tht. :smile:
  • julesy_b
    julesy_b Posts: 26 Member
    What an inspiration you are, well done :)
  • 2011_4mygirls
    2011_4mygirls Posts: 298 Member
    thanks for sharing, you look AMAZING!!!!
  • AmyFett
    AmyFett Posts: 1,607 Member
    I get so jealous of these posts. 24 lbs in a year.. pfft. Must be nice to be able to lose quickly =(
  • petersonabt
    petersonabt Posts: 518 Member
    Amazing job!! way to go!!
  • 1yoyoKAT
    1yoyoKAT Posts: 206 Member
    Sounds like you've gained way more than you've lost :love: Congrats!
  • Serah87
    Serah87 Posts: 5,482 Member
    AWESOME!!!!! :flowerforyou:
  • jdsgigi
    jdsgigi Posts: 15 Member
    What an inspiration! Great job! Congratulations on all the new and exciting things happening in your life!
  • xceptional1
    xceptional1 Posts: 24 Member
    You look awesome and so much happier!! Congrats for both weightloss and upcoming wedding!!! :happy:
  • KimL122
    KimL122 Posts: 148 Member
    You look great. Congrats on the weight loss, but also the engagement and now wedding coming soon. I can definitely see that by October you will have hit your weight loss goal and look like a fab bride.

    Sending FR
  • madi_lumpkins
    madi_lumpkins Posts: 17 Member
    This is freaking awesome! So inspiring!
  • ChristyRunStarr
    ChristyRunStarr Posts: 1,600 Member
    I don't know how I missed this over the weekend Steph but I did and I'm sorry. You're amazing and I love reading your story and having you on my friends list :happy:
  • Amellej
    Amellej Posts: 197 Member
    Amazing progress!
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