LIFE: The best cereal ever?



  • wildcatnyc
    wildcatnyc Posts: 2,410 Member
    Agree...Life is the best!!!
  • LIFE CINNAMON Crunch time is the best!
  • TylerJ76
    TylerJ76 Posts: 4,375 Member
    Agree...Life is the best!!!

  • BondBomb
    BondBomb Posts: 1,781 Member
    Honey bunches of oats begs to differ.
  • whierd
    whierd Posts: 14,032 Member
    Cinnamon Life > All
  • wildcatnyc
    wildcatnyc Posts: 2,410 Member
    Agree...Life is the best!!!


    Chest bump...
  • sunsnstatheart
    sunsnstatheart Posts: 2,545 Member
    I think Honey Nut Cheerios is the best cereal ever. Life gets soggy. But my husband would agree, he loves Life.

    The HNC will be our little secret . . .
  • fuzzieme
    fuzzieme Posts: 479 Member
    cheerios... yes. Frosted wheats (not shreddies, these were like mini shredded wheats with a coating of snowy sugar) and Kellog's start. Start.... mmmmmmmmmmm.
  • believe22
    believe22 Posts: 210 Member
    Agreed, hands down my favorite cereal ever. Life or Captain crunch,without the berries
  • KatieJane83
    KatieJane83 Posts: 2,002 Member
    cinnamon toast crunch, sans milk.

  • princessrisariri
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  • sarah44254
    sarah44254 Posts: 3,078 Member
    Life, so tasty. So gosh darned tasty.
  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,765 Member
    I prefer Kashi Go Lean Crunch

    The Kashi Go Lean cinnamon oatmeal is pretty awesome.
    On cereals, it's Dulce De Leche Cheerios, hands down.
  • My Maple and Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats believes the subject is indeed open to discussion!
  • djames92
    djames92 Posts: 990 Member
    strawberry frosted mini wheats.. yummmmmmmmm
  • SeekingOne54
    SeekingOne54 Posts: 38 Member
    Tony the Tiger says Frosted Flakes are "GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" and I concur :bigsmile:
  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
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    This. This still counts as cereal, right?

  • nerdgirlinlv
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  • oregonzoo
    oregonzoo Posts: 4,257 Member
    two facts about me.

    1. I dislike cereal
    2. the only one I will eat, ever is Life.
  • jack3Dav3
    jack3Dav3 Posts: 39 Member
    Hold the phone... how has discussion even reached page 2 without a single mention of Lucky Charms?!?! They're magically delicious!!! Plus the milk at the bottom of the bowl after? So full of win