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Hi I'm Sara and just started this on Monday. I need to lose around 25kgs for my Wedding in September (hopefull I know). I am doing this with my partner and we are doing 2 nights swimming and 2 nights gyming too. I've been a yoyo dieter for the last 20 years and am an extremly fussy eater, so dont eat salad and most veggies :sad:

I could use a few good friends to advise me when I go wrong and to share (hopefully) the joys if I lose weight :happy:



  • Nice to meet you Sara!
    I have no doubt that if you work hard and commit to yourself then you can meet your goal!!
    Let's be friends! I'm new around these parts too and am trying to make a support system.

    I got married about 18 months ago, however, my best friend is getting married in June and I bought my bridesmaids dress last March and since then have gained roughly 15 pounds. I know the dress doesn't fit right now and I need to get back to where I was.

    Let's do this!
  • I just added you!!
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    nice to meet you sara and congrats on your day thats coming up soon

    add me and fill free to chat any of our ears away
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    I feel your pain on the picky eater and yo-yp dieting both. Until I went vegetarian a few years ago, my diet was very limited (I had to get over it when I gave up meat). As for the yo-yo-ing, I have been fat my whole life. I managed to bring my weight down from 250 lbs to 185 lbs by some very unhealthy means, then promptly gained it all back (with interest) when I went off of the crash diet. A year ago, I was back up to 285 lbs. I've spent the last year being very careful about what I eat, and I lost 90 lbs so far and haven't gone back, so the yo-yo string can be cut. MFP is definitely a helpful tool. Eating right is around 80% of losing weight, so if you can keep that up, you'll get there. 25 kg in 8 months is very doable. Good luck. Feel free to add me if you like.
  • Hello, I'm new and need some friends and support too:) Nice to see all your posts. I got lazy over the past couple years and it shows because my jeans don't fit. Can't believe I let myself get this way. I don't use scales so I don't know exactly how much I need to lose, but my guess is 15-20lbs. I've been using the diary religiously for the past week or so, and it's amazing how quickly the calories add up! Anyways, I'm looking forward to a thinner me, and you all too!
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    Hi you guys! This place is awesome! I've lost 10.5lbs already because I wanted a better me. I did it for myself. I allow cheat days but the key is to log everything. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed by how much you ate or what you ate. I was at Mardi Gras last wknd and I had alcohol and funnel cake on a stick! On a stick!! But I logged it and I was mindful on how much I ate and believe it or not I was under! Just be honest with yourself and you'll see results. Always stay moving too! Congrats on the wedding!!
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    Hi, I've had great results here. Congratulations on your up and coming wedding. I would also like extra everyone please feel free to add :~)
  • Welcome Sara! And congrats on your upcoming wedding! I, too, am a yo-yo dieter, I'm 43 and a mom of two, and have been overweight since 7th grade! My teenage son is also overweight and asked me if we could do something together, so we're helping each other out, but I could really use some online support buddies! I joined in May 2012, but just started this past Monday. Good luck to us all!!!
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    Hi Sara I'm Andrea, feel free to add me. I can sympathise about the picky eating, something I've done most of my life, but I am making small changes all the time, and I will help you in any way I can xx
  • Thanks all, Its great to see so many of you making space in your lives for me :heart: Thanks :flowerforyou:
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    Hello everyone from sunny California! My name is Francine. Please feel free to add me! I'm on a 1200 calorie diet... Recently engaged and trying a whole life style change! ;)
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    Hiya, welcome to the site and congrats on your upcoming wedding. :smile: Sent you a friend request and I'll try my best to help you out on your weight loss journey.
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    :wink: You and I have about the same amount of weight to lose. Congrats on your wedding. I added you.
  • Hello! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I have been married almost 3 years and have two children. My son is 2 and my daughter is 10 months. I'm also a very bad yo-yo dieter however it never has been successful for me at all. I have used MFP previously but fell off the wagon. I recently started back this year because I want to be able to lose my baby weight and then some. Please feel free to add me and anyone else as well. I strong support team is one of the biggest aspects of getting to your goals.

    It's great to hear that you have a workout plan because for me that was the biggest road block I had. My old job I did not have time to workout on lunch or during the day and by the time I got home I had two kids to take care of and a house to clean up. I'm my current job though I've been a decision to walk 30 minutes every day since my employer has trails throughout our campus. You don't have to change your diet drastically for me it's all about portion sizes and not eating out as much.

    Feel free to chat if you need!

    Good luck and again congrats!! :happy:
  • Thanks all xx
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    Hi all,
    I'm coming up on 30 days soon-I'm a twice WW life-timer-that didn't step on the scales as often as I should have-am secretly obsessed with this site!!!!!!!!-It is keeping me from my typical night-time munching-cause I'm on my laptop checking on all my new MFP friends here-the support is terrific, even when you sometimes don't like what they say??????????
    add me if you need support :)))))))))))))))
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    Welcome and Congrats.

    <<Dog lover. Sent Request. :drinker:
  • Hello! I've been around awhile, but just now getting going. Got my kick in the pants today when the doctor scale showed me only 20lbs down from the day I gave birth....2 1/2 years ago! Which means I've gained almost 20 back after losing it. Sigh. Looking forward to following everyone's successes!!