Any other Binger's who avoid eating?

This is really just a "helllooo...anyone else out there?" thread. BED (binge eating disorder) for 22 of my 34 years, and the hardest part of managing my weight is when I'm successfully losing and I hit what I refer to as "the slippery slope".

Basically it looks like this (in my head, anyway): Wake up, eat a very light breakfast < 200 calories and then it's pretty much the sound of crickets for the rest of the day because I'm afraid if I start eating I won't be able to stop; that's the in my head part. It's not uncommon for me to get to 5:00 in the evening and have consumed less than 600 calories.

Logically, I know this is a bad 'plan' and it isn't so much of a plan as a panic. I've tried telling myself that it's ok to break my caloric intake up into rough thirds or even sixths, but I just can't seem to give myself permission to eat.

Wondering how other BED'ers handle this or maybe just give me a wave hello to know I'm not the only one who struggles with this one.

Feeling good about my progress, definitely want it to continue. Just gotta clear this hurdle! :)


  • volume77
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    i save most of my calories for night bc thats when i eat most of my cals anyway. i dont eat breakfast or lunch . works for me.
  • dangerousdumpling
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    Maybe you could plan your meals for the day and count up the calories ahead of time. That way you'll know you won't overeat if you stick to the plan and you'll be able to fuel your body throughout the day. It works for me.
  • TavistockToad
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    i dont think it is a bad plan if you eat 5-600 cals through the day and then 900-1000 in the evening (or however many make up your calorie goal)

    this is all about making lifestyle changes that work for you and enable you to lose weight in a healthy way.

    that being said, have you thought of talking to someone about the reasons behind the binging to help you stop?
  • fatjavotte
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    Are you my twin? I am also a binge eater and I do exactly the same! I end up "saving" calories in case I binge. I pre-log but it doesn't help.
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I do eat normally during the day but I definitely have problems at night. I do have BED but I never thought of not eating throughout the day. My worst times are when I don't have to work that day and I feel like I have no set schedule for eating (normally work nights). I eat 6 smaller meals and try to stay occupied later at night if possible.
  • milkyskinn
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    Having the same problem. I was binge free for a good couple of months, but some emotional issues and things happening in life that were hard to deal with set the cycle off again. They're not as massive as they used to be and I've come to a point where even 4-700calories already feels like the worst binge 'ever'.

    I struggle with my appetite due to medical issues as well as bloating/fulness that has serious impact on how I feel about myself that day and if I 'should' eat, so it's not really helping. I tend to only consume 4-500 calories before dinner, and usually eat another 400-ish during nighttime, but I still net only between 5-800cals and I just can't get myself to eat more during the day because i'm afraid I'll be hungry in the evening or I slip again :c
  • terriblyn
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    this is all about making lifestyle changes that work for you and enable you to lose weight in a healthy way.

    that being said, have you thought of talking to someone about the reasons behind the binging to help you stop?

    I totally agree with the above!
    I've struggled with this for 20 years, and when it comes down to it, the food isn't the issue....if only it were that easy.
    That being said. I think that we can give food too much power. It's fuel. It's fuel that helps us move these fantastic bodies through time and space so we can enjoy all that this life has to offer. What are you doing physically to need that fuel? What kind of fuel do you want in your tank?
    As far as scheduling goes and avoiding binges at night, I find eating a substantial b'fast really helps curb the hunger and I eat less throughout the day. If I 'save' all my calories until the end of the night, I find I actually eat over my allowance because I feel I HAVE to eat those calories even if I'm not hungry and then once my momentum gets going...well, you know, it's a slipperyslope.

    Good luck to you as you navigate to a healthier relationship with yourself and food.
  • juliesmithdiet
    I am finding this site fantastic for this problem I divide my calories between 3 meals and plan the day ahead before I go to bed the night before. I then only eat what I have planned. Temptation is getting better, could have eaten a box of chocolates last night but wasn't even remotely interested ! That has never happened before so hopefully it's working.
  • flynnfinn
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    right there with you. for me, i have trigger foods...which are usually carbs, sweets, etc. once i get started, it's the like the floodgates have opened and WHOOOSH! like a tsunami of food washes over me.

    the only way i can control my binges is to stay away from my trigger foods. i also do intermittent fasting which seems counter-intuitive but oddly for me it works. i thought i'd have the mentality of "ok, i can eat only from 12-8pm. 1-2-3...GO!" but it's actually the opposite. it's like i've taken control of the situation.

    you just have to find what works for you and don't restrict too much because that makes it worse. best of luck to you!
  • watcheronthewall
    The best thing you can do to combat your BED is to eat plenty of good, filling food. So you need a good sized breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between to ensure your blood sugar is stable and you don't get too hungry.

    If you avoid eating you will trigger a binge, that's how our bodies work.

    Also, if you do binge then you should always carry on as usual and eat your next planned meal or snack.

    This is really the best way to get over binge eating. I know how hard it is. Good luck.
  • tndejong
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    not eating will creative the binges. you need to find a way to make up bags of low cal snack to have ready and stock up on fruits and veggies with low calories. you have to train your brain that your eating more then you really are. if you go to make a salad, load up on lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. those items are very low calorie. attack fruits. a whole pint of strawberries or a ton of watermelon is better then some things we grab for. steam bags of veggies with your dinner. even for a few weeks, eat the entire bag if need be. sometimes just seeing a lot of food and getting over the being bored and eating, those things will help. and dont deprive yourself. eat all 3 meals if your use to that. drink your coffee in the morningl. modify the habits you already had. if you like chocolate, get some fiber one bars. so many things you can do to get past the binges. i struggle with it too. but i have had a lot fewer ones when i stop being scared to eat.
  • winterswish
    Thanks for the replies!

    So instead of filling this box with bits of quotes I'll just do this:

    *Yes! Definitely there are foods that are binge triggers for me. One of the things non-BED'ers love to say to me is that no food should be off limits because then when you want it, you'll just go crazy. What they don't realize is that a binge eater will go crazy every time if it's a trigger food. So, totally get this one.

    *As for pre-planning my calories, I've tried. Oh, how I've tried. I think it feels...confined? I seem to do better when I have choices so maybe finding a compromise. Like just saying each eating session needs to be XXX calories but not necessarily a meal plan. I'll work on that one. Again.

    *This is an old, old behaviour and as some of you noted, it's because evening/night time is common for binging. So it would make sense that as a coping skill we would save up our calories for that time of day to sort of 'protect' ourselves. The problem with that not really being ok anymore (not that it ever was) is that when I'm actively binging, my brain reads my large consumption of food and does it's whole happy-chem release and starts the anxiety-binge-guilt-(purge?)-anxiety-repeat cycle.

    When I'm "healthy" and still saving my calories for the end of the day out of habit, I NEED to eat those or risk screwing my metabolism even more. But to try to eat 900 calories of good, healthy dense foods in a few hours trips that binge eating feeling in my brain. So I don't do it. I pick at things like cottage cheese and crackers, cut veggies, nuts. And lately I've been falling about 500 calories a day short.

    My diet is super balanced right now. When I eat. Even falling short on my caloric intake I'm getting more than 20 grams of fiber a day and that, coupled with water intake, keeps me feeling full. But I'm falling seriously short on protein.

    Anyway...blah, blah, blah. It's all a balancing act. Right? :)

    And...yes, for those who suggested talking to someone. Thank you, that was a really thoughtful and caring suggestion. Good to know there are responsible folks here on MFP. I have a great therapist and my GP is also stellar. Sometimes it's just nice to hear from non-clinical folks who can nod their heads and say, "Yup. Sucks, huh?"

    Best to all of you!
  • Oakley82
    I find myself wanted to binge at night too (I'm very much an emotional eater). Mostly because I'm single and live alone...I just get bored. I've started going to the gym later in the evening about 7:30 or 8:00 that way once I get home and shower it's time for bed. That seems to help. I'm okay when I'm at work because I bring food for breakfast and lunch. I'll nap when I get home from work, eat dinner and once that settles hit the gym. It definitely helps. On the nights that I don't go to the gym it is a struggle though. I definitely eat light during the day and eat a larger dinner. It may not be the best, but it works best for me. I have tried not eating during the day to save calories and obviously that blows up because I will go home and eat the quickest thing to make, which generally is the least healthy. That leads me to think , "Well, you just ate so bad, you might as well just go get ice cream too, you already messed up." followed by sitting in front of the pantry 2 hrs later eating a little of everything.

    The guilt you feel afterwards is just horrible, I definitely sympathize. I binged last night in fact... *sigh* You aren't alone!