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Emotional binge took over last night...

I was not craving anything so it was completely emotionally based... You can see what the day consisted of for feb 9th on my food log (I would love to know that Im not the only one that has eaten that much in one day)...

My trigger was valentines day and being alone.... typical I know but it happened and I am accepting it

My plan is to water fast today (the day after) and flush out the salts then stick to my calorie goal with low sodium foods the next two days before my weigh in on Wednesday

For lent I have previously decided to give up binging and sweets so hopefully it will "fix" me.

I hope noone else has done this recently but I would love to know if you can relate!

Have a healthy day!



  • MrsTheunissen
    MrsTheunissen Posts: 44 Member
    I can’t see your diary so I don’t know how much you ate, but we all do a binge now and then. I made bread for the first time yesterday and I loved it so much that I “tested” the whole loaf 
    It’s a new day and focus on your calorie intake for today and maybe go for an extra-long walk.
    Hope you having a fab day.
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    You can easily salt flush by just drinking more water the next day AND eat like a normal person.

    Come on... not eating will just make you f****** miserable and increase your chances of binging again. Stop these bad habits of punishing yourself improperly.
  • stephurban
    stephurban Posts: 30 Member
    You guys are right... I shouldnt fast...Thank you for your input! Im just hating myself today and feel like I dont deserve to eat.... also I will make my diary public if your interested
  • MrsTheunissen
    MrsTheunissen Posts: 44 Member
    As I said, it's a new day today and just remember how you feel now after your binge and maybe next time you don't binge. If you feel that what you are doing with your weight loss is working, just keep doing what you are doing and if you "slipp" just do some extra walks or what ever excercise that works for you :happy:
  • alijane9
    alijane9 Posts: 67 Member
    Wow! I'm actually impressed that you logged it all - that's a great start. So, you need to do something positive rather than dwell on a day that is, these days, focused on commercialism. I have to put the blinkers on this time of year around the shops, it's amazing what you don't have to see when you refuse to look at it. I get a bit agitated with it all really - Christmas has gone the same way. Oh well, step down off my soapbox...
    Please eat normally today, drink lots of water, and be kind to yourself. One day eating a bit too much won't have much impact on the rest of your life. Beating yourself up emotionally for it will... I should know. I used to find any excuse to stuff my face (& eat way more than you did!). I now try and eat balanced meals (& plenty of calories) and take care of myself with some regular exercise.
    Good luck, keep going and don't see this as a setback, just part of your learning curve :smile:
  • Graelwyn75
    Graelwyn75 Posts: 4,404 Member
    You guys are right... I shouldnt fast...Thank you for your input! Im just hating myself today and feel like I dont deserve to eat.... also I will make my diary public if your interested

    I had a couple days of binge eating, and my daily totals will have been around 5000-6000 calories.
    It is something that happens to me every 3-4 weeks before I snap back on track. I can totally relate to the self loathing and the sense of not deserving to eat, but you do deserve to eat. Maybe start looking at why you hate yourself for having a blowout day, and nurturing yourself in other ways, and accepting that you have the right to feel a bit down about valentines day, and that you chose food to comfort yourself. A lot of people do, so you are most certainly not alone and there are worse things to use than food.

    I simply get back to my exercise as soon as I can(binging tends to leave me not wanting to do much of anything) and the rest falls into place thereafter. I make sure I follow up with plenty of vegetables and protein as let's face it, the foods most tend to binge on are not really very kind to the body. Also, bear in mind, the most weight you will have gained is 1/2 Ib and I doubt that will happen either because the body is quite good at dealing with the odd splurge.

    There is a binge eating support group here you might want to join also, that has monthly binge challenges where you log your success days and your binge days. It is a very friendly group, and very active. Link below.
  • whatascene
    whatascene Posts: 119 Member
    I'm not trying to come off accusatory or anything, but I honestly think you need to change your attitudes towards food and eating. I'm seeing red flags in your post and your comments. I think you need to do it on your own or if it worsens, seek help. This is why psychologists speculate 95% of American women have an eating disorder. Eating disorders don't mean just binging/purging or anorexia, it's having unhealthy attitudes and behaviors around eating. And you are showing signs of that. Hating yourself or feeling the need to really punish yourself is not good. Everyone binges every now and then, and your worth and emotions shouldn't be governed by your eating.
  • SparkleShine
    SparkleShine Posts: 2,001 Member
    I was looking through your diary and it seems you were under your calorie goal by several hundred for the previous days. This may have something to do with your binge. You had some high calorie burns too!

    Just eat healthy today and drink your water. Today is a new day!:flowerforyou:
  • Craigamears
    Craigamears Posts: 65 Member

    I have the diagnosis.... I looked at Thurs and Friday's meals. You were 600 calories deficit for each day. You are not following your plan. Your body responds to the deficit, jacks around with your hormone levels, and you get "emotional". You are not little Miss Lonely Hearts.... you are just hungry. Your body is trying to get a message through to you.

    The one day binge is not the issue... it is the several day extreme deficits that preceded it. That calorie goal is there for a reason, it is the number of calories per day you NEED to eat. Forgive yourself and grab something to eat!
  • alienrite
    alienrite Posts: 314 Member
    You eat way under your goal on most days and exercise very hard. The exercise is great but if you eat at too low a deficit then your body will compensate. Like holding your breath too long and you gasp for air. I used to think my binges were a sign of my weakness but once I learned to eat enough and try not to lose everything all at once, my binge urges haves subsided and I've learned to recognize them as my body correcting my poor (too low) choices. Be patient and consistent as been the best formula for me.

    Keep up the focus and learn to embrace how your body actually works instead of making it contort itself to your preconceptions. Ur bodies are fantastic machines if driven smartly.
  • SassJess81
    SassJess81 Posts: 75 Member
    I don't know if you will find this helpful, but I went to an emotional eating workshop and they recommend making a toolbox. Fill it with whatever things will help you. For example, you can put in:

    - a journal to write through emotions
    -motivating photos
    -mints or some strong tasting gum
    -an accountability partner's phone number
    -nail's hard to binge with wet nails
    - a sheet with a bunch of emotions on it to help identify what you are feeling.

    I have only mildly struggled with emotional eating, but I found that just identifying how I'm feeling and being kind to myself is a huge help. Also, if you can distract yourself for a while, the urge to binge will lessen.
  • OpheliaCrump
    OpheliaCrump Posts: 6 Member
    I truly believe Valentine's Day was invented by card companies and holier-than-thous to make singles feel guilty, worthless and hopeless. I spent many lonely VDs after a marriage that never recognized my presence or value anyway. Now I have my forever valentine and we don't need some artificial nonsense to declare our love. So stop beating yourself up - grab some single girlfriends, make up a big fruit salad with various yummy toppings (like lemon yogurt), get some cheap 'n' cheerful champers and have an "Un-Valentine's Day".

    I binge almost on a regular basis, and it's all emotional. The trick is to admit it and get right back on track. It's NEVER too late - for anything.
  • dogetta
    dogetta Posts: 61 Member
    I frequently binge mostly carbs with cake being my favorite. ! will down anywhere from 3500-7500 cals in one sitting than tell myself its only a 2lb wt gain and I can cut cals and workout harder all week and beat myself up for days after(Thats not including the rest of the stuff I"ve eaten or that I' ve binged 2 or 3 times in one day) Once in a while its going to happen and we have to move on.tomorrow is a new day.Some times I tell myself it was a carb up or I must have needed the extra cals for a jolt to the metabolism lol. Dust your self off and keep moving toward your goal. Best to you.:flowerforyou:
  • JennetteMac
    JennetteMac Posts: 763 Member
    I am so with you, and I am glad to read other people's experiences on this.
    I had a bit of a bad week due to similar reasons. One good day followed by a couple of bad ones. Since Christmas I'm finding lossing and feeling positive quite hard. But I will do it, and reading these posts does help.
    Good luck :flowerforyou:
  • My0WNinspiration
    My0WNinspiration Posts: 1,146 Member
    It happens. Move on.
  • kaerae2
    kaerae2 Posts: 1 Member
    I got a smile when I read that you "tested" the whole loaf. Some days are hard and your response made me smile. Thanks. :smile:
  • superhippiechik
    superhippiechik Posts: 1,044 Member
    I was in the same boat last night. I did not log the three donuts I ate. It happens.
    Today I had a nice big breakfast and will have a healthy salad with beans tonight. No soda or tea. And I will go to the gym.
    Thank God we didn't "get rid of it" or something equally unhealthy. We just over ate and will make up for it today. No biggie,right? Right!
  • stephurban
    stephurban Posts: 30 Member
    You all are great! I love the insight and already feel better.... I have been eating small meals today only because I have not been too hungry (shocking haha).... as for the calorie deficits I have... this is only because I dont trust the calories that MFP tells me I burn for a given activity... I do exercise a lot and pick the lower option of calories burned when possible but I still dont trust it so I try not to eat them... I know thats silly.

    I would love your thoughts on that as well.... I would also love to buy myself an HRM to track accuratly but I just cant afford it at this time

    Thanks again!

    Heres to continuing a healthy day :)
  • ttofee
    ttofee Posts: 4 Member
    Been here many times! I agree with all the comments. Its good that you recorded it- i tend not to, that way it never happened! One day at a time i say and a little slip up happens to everyone now and then. Its how you deal with it after that matters.