Low Calorie dinner options?

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Looking for low Calorie meal options, casseroles or something that fills you up and has flavor but low in cal!


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    Make your favorite meal, and eat less of it.
  • Fajitas. Lots of Vegis (peppers, onions, even asparagus), seasoning and lean meat. Eat in a low cal, high fiber tortilla with some salsa and fat free sour cream or greek yogurt. That's what I'm having for dinner tonight. Soups are great too,
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    my blog has some great low cal meal options.... check em out!
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    All kinds of veggie stir fries. I normally use 1kcal olive oil spray and no other fat, quickly fry chicken or prawns on it and add fresh vegetables, season with herbs, sometimes a bit of a soya sauce. It tastes great and it is filling. Tonight I am planning to stir fry chicken with onions, add one large leek sliced, 250 g of mushrooms, a bit of white wine, simmer and then season with a bit of soya sauce.
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    Last night I had 4.5 ounces of grilled mahi mahi topped with some peach/mango salsa and a chopped veggie salad on the side tossed with ranch dressing.

    Quick, easy and packed with protein.

    321 calories.
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    Low Carb Casserole? Kinda hard to make one of those.

    I recommend getting one of Rocco Dispirito's cookbooks, if not a few of them. There are a lot of alternative recipes in there for eating classic home cooked meals with healthy alternatives. Such as cauliflower mashed potatoes etc.
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    Salmon (or other fish), Baked Chicken, Steamed/Roasted/Baked Vegetable, Veggie Burgers, Salmon Burgers, Salad.

    Try skinnytaste.com its a great website for yummy meals with low calories.
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    I have had people recommend skinnytaste.com... there is a cajun chicken recipe on there that sounds really good!
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    Last night I had sauteed kale with garlic, tofu and A LOT of mushrooms. I only used the olive oil spray and a tsp of sherry. It was delicious and probably like 200 calories for a big plate. Pair it with 4 oz of red wine = <3
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    I''m a big fan of soups and this one is really tasty!

    Low sodium broth/beans ect are straightforward changes if you are worried about your sodium intake. I also recommend adding a bit of brown rice (or other grain) while you are cooking it. Thickens the soup up nicely.

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    I make my own personal sized pizzas. Get a whole grain flatbread top with 1 TBS of olive oil, a layer of fresh baby spinach, grilled chicken, feta cheese, any vegetables you want (I use onions, mushrooms, & black olives), and then some kind of seasoning that sounds good (italian, garlic & herb, etc). Put in the oven for about 12 minutes at 425. It is quick and easy and only 500 calories!
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    I like the blog OhSheGlows. It's vegan, but I often add meat or use the non-vegan version of whatever she's cooking with and come up with some GREAT dinner/packable lunches.

    http://ohsheglows.com/recipage/?recipe_id=6004689 <-- I add 1lb of cubed chicken to this one. With the chicken its about 300 calories a HUGE serving.

    http://ohsheglows.com/recipage/?recipe_id=6036264 <-- I added Cod to this, and it's pretty good, but you might want to play around - could be good with clams or mussels. Shredded beef might also be an option. With the fish (.75 of a lb) I used it came out to 177 calories per small serving, 250 for the larger one.

    http://ohsheglows.com/recipage/?recipe_id=6037740 <-- I just made this as is. I don't remember the calorie count but it was freakign delicious.

    Play around and try some things out there!
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    homemade soups is my favorite. you can doctor to your likes and needs.
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    I second the homemade soup recipes. With a slow-cooker or pot on the stove, pretty easy to prepare, can get all the major food groups and nutrition in there depending on what you use, and can be low calorie and delish! Also, makes great leftovers. :)

    Some good options are:

    Barley & Lentil (with veggies)
    Southwestern Chicken and white bean
    Bean & Kale
    Garden veggie (to eat with some grilled meat)
    Wonton soup with bok choy, carrots and green onion (great as a side with sushi)
    Veggie and Chickpea Curry

    Any of these sound appealing, I'll be happy to share the recipes. :)
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    I realize you posted this in the recipes section, but there are some frozen meals I love that I find very filling for the calories - Amy's Bowls/Meals. I find them at Walmart and they're perfect for when I get to dinner without a large calorie allotment left at the end of the day!

    Tortilla Casserole with Black Beans- http://www.amys.com/products/product-detail/bowls/000168
    Lasagna - http://www.amys.com/products/product-detail/details/000032

    They have a lot more listed on their website but those are the two I've tried. Delicious!
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    Soup. I cheat and use the Bear Creek brand dried soup, and add my own veggies/protein.
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    I just made...

    2 can of golden mushroom soup
    1 can water
    6 oz chicken breast (boneless, skinless)

    Put everything in crock pot, cook low for 6 hours. Shred chicken

    Homemade whole wheat pasta.

    3/4 c all purpose flour
    3/4 c whole wheat flour'
    2 eggs
    1/8 tsp salt
    1 tps olice oil

    mix together. Knead for about 15 mins Let rest 30 mins. Roll out, fold, roll out, fold, repeat several times.
    roll out thin, cut in small ribbons.
    Cook in pot of boiling water with salt and oil for 5 - 7 mins drain
    It makes alot of pasta. I portion about 5 servings

    Golden Mushroom and pasta is about 305 calories
  • I am not a great cook, don't love spending tons of time and usually cook for 1. Here are my go-to healthy meals:

    1. Veggie stirfry with sliced chicken breast. Add some chia seeds for an extra nutritional punch! You can serve over brown rice or quinoa, but I don't even find I need it, and it keeps the calorie count down. Bonus is lunch for tomorrow!

    2. Baked salmon filet with a veggie - asparagus, steamed broccoli, cauliflower mash, etc. If you are feeling creative you can make a mango salsa for your salmon, or just add a little lemon and dill.

    3. Taco salad! Brown extra lean ground beef or turkey with taco seasoning, and make a massive salad with lettuce, peppers, avocado, cucumber, a little low-fat cheese, and salsa as dressing. Again, bonus is easy to bring leftovers the next day :-)

    If you like my ideas add me as a friend to swap more!
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    Do you have the serving size for your "Unstuffed" peppers Casserole recipe? It sounds delicious and I'd like to try it, but want to know how much I can have for the 268 cals. Thanks!

    This was to Chasing AmyLiz
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    I think it depends on what you consider 'low calorie' - tonight, I am making my hubby pork chops, and guacamole stuffed tomatoes. Last night, we had chicken thighs and quinoa/greek type salad. Another favorite is to make steak with sweet potatoe fries. Soon, we will be trying eggplant chips.

    OH another fave, is if you make 'tacos' but use a lettuce leaf instead of the taco shell. you get all the deliciousness of tacos, but it's a lettuce wrap so you dont have as many calories!