What do you do for evening munchies???

I have all the willpower in the world until 4pm hits. Then I become ravenous & could eat the couch! I eat a good breakfast, healthy filling lunch (usually a large salad & whole grain bread) and a couple of sensible snacks (fruit or protein bar). I also fill up on smart water so I know I am hydrated.

What do you do to tame the afternoon/evening munchies???


  • jackpotclown
    jackpotclown Posts: 3,291 Member
    fit and active popcorn, 60 calories for the whole bag....otherwise it's a home made smoothie with fruits and whey protein
  • aippolito1
    aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
    I eat heavier early on in the day so once dinner hits, I'm not as hungry. The one thing also really helps is I work out after work, before dinner, so once I'm done showering, I'm hungry but once I eat, I'm good for a couple hours before bed.
  • bonitatica
    bonitatica Posts: 34 Member
    i snack on Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal. 3/4 of a cup is 120 cals without milk. i also do a piece of fruit like an orange or even a handful of nuts like walnuts or pecans.

    if its after my dinner i don't like to eat but i will have a piece of gum to tame that urge.
  • amillionmegs
    amillionmegs Posts: 59 Member
    dido on the dry cereal! I had some last night... I was so hungry at about 8pm and headed straight for the cupboard. I could have went with chips... but instead I filled up on water, then had a handful of the new falvoured cheerios! tastes sweet without too many bad sugars or fats! :)
  • karen25619
    karen25619 Posts: 4 Member
    A cup or so of baby carrots dipped in some fat free slad dressing seems to do the trick for me. Also, if it's late enough I just go to my bedroom and read or watch t.v.. It seems that if I am far enough from the kitchen, and interested in something else, I can curb the muchies...
  • cathcakey
    cathcakey Posts: 288 Member
    Maybe you could split your lunch in half & have some at lunchtime and the rest a couple of hours later? Just a thought...!
  • groomchick
    groomchick Posts: 610 Member
    carbmaster yogurt or pork rinds!!
  • karatejones
    karatejones Posts: 6 Member
    Cup of coffee... drink it black or I use the sugar-free vanilla creamer stuff... it's way better than the "fat-free" at about 15-20 calories for 2 tbsp. That, or stay busy. If you don't have time to eat, you won't.

    And of course water, fruits, veggies, and I agree that Special K is pretty awesome.
  • Mirlyn
    Mirlyn Posts: 256
    Carrot sticks and different flavors of hummus. It's so good! For something sweet my husband and I throw frozen berries into the microwave to defrost and slightly warm them and then sprinkle a sun crystal packet on top and put light whipped cream on them and sprinkle blueberry milled flax seed on top for some crunch and mmmmm it tastes 100% sinful.
  • roadchic18
    roadchic18 Posts: 128
    Sugar-free hot chocolate with skim milk , fruit, or I chew gum.
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  • shannie_lou
    shannie_lou Posts: 32 Member
    Thanks Everybody! GREAT suggestions! Working out in the evening might just do the trick, as I am not hungry after working out! (now, can I get the fam to leave me alone while I work out?!)