Hey You there! Make me a grocery list!

Going grocery shopping this weekend... trying to be frugal since I have bills to pay !

So I need a few reasonable shopping lists with practical foods... quick fixes, clean, lean means etcc

Also I'm just being lazy, but I also want your ideas !

Go community go!


  • booboo68
    booboo68 Posts: 302 Member
    Cottage Cheese
    Greek Yogurt
    Salad Fixings
    Whey Protein
    FF Skim Milk
    Kidney Beans
    Black Beans
    35 Calorie Nickles Wheat Bread
    Oscar Mayer Deli Selects Chicken Breast
    Ground Sirloin

    You can make meals that are large and can be portioned out for several days throughout the week of frozen for later.
    THExNEKOxCHAN Posts: 134 Member
    -UN-homogenized whole milk
    -Plain yogurt or kefir, with no added ingredients (you can add stuff like fruit and berries when you go to eat it, and use it as a sour cream substitute too)
    -Raw honey and/or pure maple syrup
    -Grass-fed butter
    -Free range eggs and/or chicken
    -Grass fed/pastured beef, lamb or pork, either in steaks/chops, or ground into mince. Roasts are good too; you can eat off roasts for a few days.
    -Wild caught salmon or other seafood
    -Lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Whatever your favorites are. Preferably local and seasonal.
    -Basmati rice (low GI)
    -Cheese (nothing low fat or no fat; those are ****)
    -Raw almonds, sunflower kernels, or other favored nuts/seeds
    -Extra virgin olive oil (for cold dishes), cold pressed coconut oil, or lard/tallow (for cooking)

    There are no quick fixes and short cuts to eating healthy. Those quick fixes and short cuts are usually what ruins our health.
  • Shadowknight137
    Shadowknight137 Posts: 1,243 Member
    Ox heart.
    Ox liver.
    Mesclun salad.
  • lioness803
    lioness803 Posts: 325 Member
    whole wheat tortillas(veggie wraps, or I just put a little cheese and a little bbq sauce for an easy snack)
    cottage cheese
    whatever you make salad out of(i use kale)
    cheese- i agree on the full fat
    chicken breasts or thighs if you like dark meat(cheaper and not that many more calories!) or a whole chicken you can portion yourself if you have that kind of ambition(I don't)
    canned tuna packed in water
    peanut butter
  • SakuraRose13
    SakuraRose13 Posts: 621 Member
    If you like to bake or cook

    lean meat chicken,fish so on
    onions or just onion powder garlic powder
    Bisquick you can use it for all sorts of recipes

    you would be amazed at what you can do with these ingredients

    I feed myself and my little girls with these ingredients just fine when we dont have much to eat .
  • pawsnpurrs
    its Lent for me so its a easy list TUNA TUNA ALBACORE TUNA breathing on bread isle 40 more days
    very simple meals now raw foods taste so yummy when your on a budget the produce isle goes a long way
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    This is my general list, as if I had no food at all. Otherwise I replace it as needed.

    Meat- Pork Sausage (A little can flavour a lot of veg for salads or go a long way in a breakfast scramble) Ham (5 oz can flavour a whole pot of soup) Eggs, and then I cycle through periods of other meats... got a good deal on cubed steak so I have that now. Next time I'll get chicken breasts again and divide them up)

    Beans/grains- Lentils, black beans, pinto beans, chick peas, barley, bulgar wheat, rolled oats, steel cut oats

    Dairy- Whole milk, butter, cheddar cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese

    Nuts- Almonds, peanut butter

    Fruit- bananas, apples, pears (Kwik trip has cheapest bananas, citrus doesnt fill me up and I get the cheapest apples/pears I can find)

    Veg- Potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, peppers, green onions, frozen spinach, Bird's Eye brand Normandy blend veg, frozen peas, artisan lettuce

    I don't buy bread and I don't really like rice or pasta or tomato sauces. HOWEVER I have been making unleavened breads since I can directly control the cals and they're great for breakfast. Apples and carrots are my snack foods.

    Get whole wheat flour, take 1/2 cup, add a mashed banana, cinnamon, water, knead, bake, eat with some pb. I eat more filling breakfasts because I can't get home in the afternoons and carrying food ends up messy, usually. 400cals ish?

    And the thing is I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT AFFORD ready made/frozen foods, I always have to cook everything, so I know it's cheaper and more importantly better quality than a frozen equivalent. I kind of want to make homemade hot pockets soon, I so bet I could make a healthy and cheap version that tasted awesome. I made frozen meat pies around christmas, which are similar...