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If you're trying, you're lying...

If you're working, it's working.


  • NiLo4598
    NiLo4598 Posts: 29 Member
    This is so true!!!! It's not about trying, it's just about doing! Doing EVERYTHING you can to reach your goal. I find that when I say "try" what I really mean is that my whole body/mind/soul is not in it. And I see a lot of other people use this word to make excuses for themselves. Get to work! Love it! Great post!
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    Severely, SEVERELY disagree. Everyone has their own methods, I'm a person who reminds myself every single day that every new day is a way to try again at something.

    I understand you may view the word differently but please realize that people interpret the same concepts in different manners, and reading what you wrote makes me feel bad like I'm messing up and don't even know it even though everything else says differently.

    Please watch your words and realize how they can effect others, and don't knock the methods of others, simply do what you feel is right quietly and only share if you have something truly positive for everyone or if you are in need of help and support. I'm not usually the sensitive type when it comes to internet words but others are, very much so, and many of us here are often swayed by our emotional states. Please think twice in the future. These kinds of threads often brew into negative debates...and we've got a lot of that here already, lol.
  • Lialena
    Lialena Posts: 45 Member
    It seems to me you are equating "trying" with "wanting to but not actually doing anything" when in fact trying often involves a lot of doing. Many discoveries come from trial and error. Trying something, finding it doesn't work for you, and then trying something else involves effort and perseverance in the face of disappointments or failure. That dedication is admirable.
  • Justkeepswimmin
    Justkeepswimmin Posts: 777 Member
    I totally get what you're saying and sorry some people are incredibly oversensitive. Honestly, I read stuff all the time that bugs me a little, but rarely do I take the time to respond over something trivial.

    Regardless I love it. The difference for me was to stop trying to lose weight and deciding I was going to do it and this was HOW I was going to do it.

    I have so many friends that tell me they 'try'. If they would just stop putting up a mental road block with that misused word I think they would be far more successful.

    Losing weight, working out, eating right...It's all like Nike: Just do it. Then do it again.

    Wake up.


    Will you be the decision to DO it will change your life. Nike does not say "just try it". That's what you say to coax a kid into trying a bite of something green.

    PS I can't wear Nike feet are too wide and I end up in 1-1.5 sizes too big to compensate.
  • Willowana
    Willowana Posts: 493 Member
    I'm WORKING! I'm not trying to lose weight, I AM losing weight. Everyone here has good days and bad days. But we are all working towards the same goal. And if we all TRY hard enough, we will succeed :drinker: