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First Day of Couch 2 5k!

I just finished my first day of Couch 2 5k! It was HARD! I didn't realize how out of shape I had gotten until today. Considering I was very sick yesterday with a stomach bug, I think finishing the run/walk and burning 285 calories in the process was a success!!


  • Joreanasaurous
    Joreanasaurous Posts: 1,384 Member
    Good for you and keep it up.
  • sky15425
    sky15425 Posts: 219 Member
    That's how I starting running.
    I can't believe that I actually love it. Just keep up with it, it is hard but when you finish the program and run your first 5k it's so worth it.
    I've been running now for almost 2 years. Three times a week with one long run a week.
    You can do this!!!!
  • Lisa__Michelle
    Lisa__Michelle Posts: 845 Member
    Thanks guys!
  • marthajo1
    marthajo1 Posts: 68 Member
    That's great! Keep it going!!! :)
  • cinrn68
    cinrn68 Posts: 215 Member
    Fantastic! I'm thinking of starting it myself, since one of my girlfriends just convinced me to sign up for a 5K in August!! LOL I've been walking on the treadmill fairly regularly since the beginning of January, but I guess it's time to step it up a notch and start the C25K program. I had done it a few years ago, but I was running outside and got terrible shin splints. I will try it on my treadmill this time around.
  • kopmom
    kopmom Posts: 491 Member
    Keep it up ! Congrats

    I started with the C25K 3 years ago and am now getting ready to run my 4th half marathon in April
  • nichelle02
    I just started today too! I've been walking/jogging on the treadmill daily for a month now and was looking for a little structure. I want to run outside once the weather warms up. (I'm in Minnesota) So I tried C2-5k today and it was great.

    Who knows .. Maybe one day I'll sign up for a 5k run.
  • lynn_hickey
    lynn_hickey Posts: 80 Member
    Congrats!! Keep at it - you will LOVE the progress you see in yourself :) I just finished week 4 today, and just loving it!! My first 5k is in april and I can't wait!
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    Don't feel bad if you have to stay at that level a while. I've been doing it for 2 weeks and I'll probably stay at week 1 for 2 more weeks myself..... I'm more of a biker than a runner.

    Do you have lots of runners near you? It's freezing out so I go with winter coat in jeans and running shoes, hood up, mittens on. By the time I go home gloves are off and my coat is unzipped, and boy do I feel awkward with the groups of runners in black leggings and bright shirts running about...
  • jon1289
    jon1289 Posts: 24 Member
    Good luck! You * will* achieve it....

    I met my gorgeous lady nearly 2 years ago and began running with her. We ran just 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week.

    On 17th March we are running our first ever half marathon and I'm hoping for a time of 2.10

    I know I keep going on about it but the Runkeeper App (iphone and Android) is just brilliant! Not just for running as you can plot other cardio exercises too.
  • mmddwechanged
    mmddwechanged Posts: 1,687 Member
    So fun!!! Remember you can always repeat a workout if you feel like it. Good for you!!!
  • trizzell79
    trizzell79 Posts: 153 Member
    Awesome! I love the program! There is a C25K group on here that is pretty active, you should join. :happy:
  • Chichitas12
    I plan to do this again! When I did it I only made it half way through because my schedule changes but.... I loved it and found it easy to do. I am looking forward to actually following through with it this spring and summer :D GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • MinimalistShoeAddict
    MinimalistShoeAddict Posts: 1,946 Member
    Great work! Keep it up!
  • eggsmilkbread
    eggsmilkbread Posts: 184 Member
    I ALSO started c25k today! :)
  • chubbygirl253
    chubbygirl253 Posts: 1,309 Member
    Thats how I started 6 months ago. I was over 300 lbs then. Now I'm training for a 12k on June 8th. When I started I didnt think I'd be running 10k within 6 mos. Keep it up, you can do it.
  • skadoosh33
    skadoosh33 Posts: 353 Member
    Congrats! I got the C25k but just started the Jeff Galloway 10k training this week instead.
  • gabrielleobrien
    Congrats! You will feel so great when you get to your goal. I did a couch to 5k from Sept to Dec after years of very little exercise. Once I reached my goal of being able to walk 5k I've been walking 5k 5 days a week. In Jan I walked 92 miles, my goal now is to try and walk 100 miles a month.
  • tinydancer4
    tinydancer4 Posts: 114 Member
    Congratulations! I started week 3 day 1 today, it's amazing how much my stamina has increased in this short time. I found week 1 day 1 really hard too! Keep at it, I think you'll be really pleased with the results.
  • donnadavies72
    donnadavies72 Posts: 29 Member
    I completed week 9 2 weeks ago and I am now trying to increase my speed/distance. I couldn't have run 3 seconds before I started never mind 3miles but I am so glad I stuck with it. I love it now x