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Logging C25K

What do you all put it as? It's not all running and not all walking. I'm starting today and (aside from trying to figure everything else out too) am a little confused.


  • petejjcharlton
    petejjcharlton Posts: 20 Member
    When I started I logged how many minutes walking and how many minutes running, which took a little longer to workout than I expected. Now i've got a HRM, so it does it all for me
  • sjlapins
    sjlapins Posts: 26 Member
    I enter my run and walk times separately.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 34,158 Member
    Your heart rate is increased even during the walk portions. You could enter them separately - or you could enter them as a time calculation - how far did you go and how long did it take? Regardless, just pick a number and go with it - it's only 35 minutes of exercise, so even if you chose all running, you'd be close enough.