Being asked how much weight you've lost



  • DonnaLeeCattes
    DonnaLeeCattes Posts: 492 Member
    I don't think it is rude, people have asked me at work, how much I have loss and I tell them with a smile on my face and my hands on my hips or sometimes I pat my tummy and say 71 lbs as of today :)
  • stackhsc
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    ive been asked. it doesnt bother me to talk about any of it. i could see someone asking what you weigh may be rude, but even that wouldnt bother me personally but i can see why it might some.

    I take it as a compliment.

    I suppose if it bothered you, you could try to figure out why it bothered you and answer or not answer accordingly.
    If you just wanted to blow them off politely say something like "you know... im not really sure"
  • evemarie1103
    I think it's great when someone notices and depending on your relationship with that person, it could be an unnecessary question. Me personally, I love when someone asks! It makes me proud and that all my hard work shows and pays off.
  • cubbies77
    cubbies77 Posts: 607 Member
    I don't mind when people ask me, especially because they raise their eyebrows and say something like, "Whoa! That's great! Good for you!" when I tell them.

    Back when it was 15-25 pounds, the reaction was good but not quite as "shocked". I notice that their reactions get more and more pronounced as the number gets higher. It makes me feel really awesome. :)

    If it's someone I know really well, like a close friend, I'll joke around and say something like, "54 pounds. Unfortunately, only four of those pounds have come off my butt."
  • rocket_ace
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    its definitely not rude. the person asking isn't invested emotionally the way you are in the question. they are simple asking you out of hand (the way you might ask how old are you on a birthday, or what did you shoot at the golf course). at most its in appreciation - definitely not in judgement.
  • ashmorgstraws
    I'm usually fine with it. Except, now I have to say "58', and then they probably wonder how MUCH i weighed before to have lost that much and still keep losing! LOL
  • Rosytakesoff
    It's never bothered me. If anything, I'm happy people take notice. What I do hate though is the "wow, I can't even tell!" comments, as if loose skin should be draping off of my face or something.

    You mean you don't look like a Shar Pei puppy?:laugh:
  • cwolfman13
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    I like it when people ask...and I like telling them...and I like watching the expression on their faces because they just can't believe it. I like when they ask me how I did it. Unfortunately, once I tell them I've been exercising and counting calories they just shrug as if that's too hard and were hoping for a magic potion or something.
  • Jonesie1984
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    I would take weight lost being noticed at this!!

    I lost 22lbs before ANYONE said anything at work. It made me think they didn't see it but really they said they didn't know if it was appropriate to say or not lol. I reset my ticker jan 1 just in case you're wondering why my numbers dont add up lol
  • NoMoreFlubbering
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    If I ever ask someone for poundage it's usually because I can't imagine that they weighed a lot to begin with and it's surprising. I'm happy for them, and proud of their accomplishments, and tell them how much it shows now, though we didn't notice a problem before. When I lost my first batch of 40 pounds, people would ask and I didn't mind telling them. I worked hard for it, why not let them know just how hard?
  • islandnutshel
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    I am starting to get self conscious about the numbers. It's obvious I lost weight to people, but I also did a good job of hiding how
    much I had gained. I like privacy, I'm starting to give an unexact amount.
    "50ish" for pound lost
    "30ish" for age......
  • _Witsy_
    _Witsy_ Posts: 609 Member
    I don't find this rude at all. How could this be rude?
  • lklkl5
    lklkl5 Posts: 113 Member
    I always just laugh and jokingly say "too much" and leave it at that. Always seems to work well without coming across rude or revealing what I consider private.
  • NewCaddy
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    Sometimes dealing with people who have lost weight is more awkward than dealing with some who just had a tragic death in the family.

    Some people are hurt that no one sys anything, other by what is said. There is no script, people are trying to acknowledge your efforts and asking how much is a logical way of doing it.

    I like how you said this. I've seen lots of posts saying "I've lost 20 pounds and nobody has noticed." Maybe nobody comments on it because they don't know what to say.

    I personally don't like that question because I'm embarrassed at how far I let myself go, but at the same time, be glad that someone noticed. (Although, nobody would ever think to ask someone who has gotten bigger "How much weight have you gained??" :laugh:
  • fightin135
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    agree with lklk..or say "not enough"
  • cici1028
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    I'm proud of it and I'll tell anyone who asks... but it is kind of odd. I would never ask someone else how much they had lost. I think sometimes people are trying to figure out if it was a LOT or a LITTLE. Which is all relative anyway! ;)
  • megsta21
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    I am simply so proud of my accomplishment....:wink: i have lost 28 Kilos or 62 Pounds... :drinker: Dont get me wrong, I still have 14 kilos to go.:laugh:

    I suppose a part of me is ashamed that I let myself get so over the weight i am comfortable at, :sad: maybe that what makes the "weirdness" or maybe its the fact that they dont know you from a bar of soap! :smooched:
  • dontbeskurred
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    Sounds like a similar situation I've come across at work too, a coworker passed by in the hallway and noticed and complimented on my weight loss. She asked how much have I lost. To me, it depends if its someone I'm in good terms with that I'm comfortable telling more to or if its strictly a colleague that I am on cordial terms with. Either way and whomever its from, the compliment I always perceive as a good thing, but when it comes to specifics I'm picky about how much I disclose and who I disclose it to. I'm not one who's loud and proud about things and I'm modest for the most part too.
  • mathera26
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    Most of the people who ask me I believe are genuinely curious because they want to believe that they could do it too. I think if they see other "normal" people around them doing something they thought they themselves could never do, it might come as some encouragement to them...
  • gilgakidu
    Its not awkward its just a common follow up question. I at least am not ashamed of saying that I am working on myself.