Hiking carrying 65 pounds

How many calories would I burn per half-hour or hour of hiking while carrying 65 pounds in my backpack? They don't have this exercise listed. Please help!


  • JenMc14
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    I'd go to a site like caloriesperhour.com and add 65 pounds to your actual weight and log it as hiking, if you can't find a good equivalent here.
  • Goosiesnougs
    HRM.....and you can borrow my 9 year old if you want.
  • Synapze
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    The same as the previous post. Try an app like Runtastic or Runkeeper, and add the weight onto your normal weight.
  • lmc8774
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    Woah! What are you carrying in there? Not sure what you are doing but 65 pounds is a lot to carry. Much more enjoyable to hike with less weight if possible. But that's not what you were asking. There are a few hiking options in the database. I believe there is one "hiking, carrying 10-20 lbs". You could use that to start. Hiking is always hard to track because of the variables. How much you are carrying, hills climbed and speed you are walking all play into it.