PT4--getting one on Friday : ) What do you think of yours?

What do you think of your PT4, if you have a different HRM what kind and how does it work for you??


  • Lisapayne76
    Lisapayne76 Posts: 157 Member
    I love mine. I got it a couple weeks ago but its seems to work great.. The first day I used it I forgot to "start" the workout after it found my heart rate so make sure you do that.
  • ericachristie85
    ericachristie85 Posts: 69 Member
    I love mine. I also forget to press start. lol
  • zhvah18
    zhvah18 Posts: 158 Member
    Glad I'm not the only one that forgot to hit start. Worst was that it wasn't even my first time wearing it :S
    To OP, I really like mine.
  • kimheiman
    kimheiman Posts: 29 Member
    Are you talkng a polar FT4. I love mine it is easy to use and i have been using mine everyday for about a month now. Doesnt matter what kind of exercise your doing it will let you know where you stand. Im pretty sure is accurate because i can do a work out several times and each time its pretty close to the same burn. I use it for walking also and i have no idea how far i walk i just walk til i burn 300 calorie,. which is also nice. I ordered mine online and it was cheaper then a sporting good store.
  • kimheiman
    kimheiman Posts: 29 Member
    I have forgot to start mine too. That is just so funny! Glad Im not the only one......
  • travlinjess
    travlinjess Posts: 242 Member
    Got my PT4 a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it!

    The first few work-outs took some adjusting. I think the strap was too tight and when I bent down for an exercise move, my boobs made the monitor pop out on one side (it buttons on) making my HR 0. AND at some point, it told me my HR was 200, which is impossible for me.

    Since then, I loosened the strap and turned off the beeping noises, and we've gotten along great!!
  • twingirlsmommy
    twingirlsmommy Posts: 113 Member
    Thank you everyone!! I've just started doing different cardio and circuit training and plyometrics and stuff and want to get an accurate idea of how many calories I"m burning---I HATE GUESTIMATING with the exercises on here!!!!! I think it will help with my weight loss for sure and I've noted to press START!! Haha you guys are hilarious : ) Thanks!!
  • LS102
    LS102 Posts: 19
    I just got my Polar FT4 in the mail today (great prices on eBay). I've already tried it out on the elliptical and am EXTREMELY happy with it! I noticed that the sensor somehow synced with the elliptical I was using. The HR on the machine matched my monitor, which was pretty awesome. I could keep my arms moving because I didn't have to place my hands on the elliptical's sensors.

    All of my data is stored in the watch - that plus the calculation of my average heart rate makes the calories burned more accurate than the elliptical's estimate or an online calculator.

    Plus, I needed a new watch :)