What kind of cardio for plantar fasciitis sufferers?

I have recurring plantar fasciitis that I am hoping against hope will go away when I lose weight. I have had shots, spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics, I stretch all the time... I just need to keep stretching and stay off my feet.

I have been riding an exercise bike but that is getting kind of old. I'm too much of a wimp to go biking in the cold. What else can I do to get my cardio in that isn't weight-bearing? I signed up for a gym membership starting tomorrow.


  • Anyone?
  • divemunkey
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    I started wearing minimalist shoes, and mine was gone within 4-5 months. I started with Nike Frees, and now prefer New Balance or Merrells. It wasn't a matter of exercises, but proper footwear.
  • That's interesting. My podiatrist keeps telling me to wear high-stability shoes with lots of arch support -- the opposite of minimalist shoes.
  • ValerieMomof2
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    Will you have access to a pool?
  • Yes! It's a weird pool -- only 20 meters long, but I guess I'll just have to turn more often. That's a great idea - not weight-bearing at all.
  • divemunkey
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    Perhaps after all that time and money, your podiatrist is wrong? It wouldn't be the first time that happened.
  • I gotta say... what he's been doing and telling me to do has not worked. Maybe I'll check out those minimalist shoes. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • jimmie65
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    I am a minimalist. I very rarely have issues with PF after switching.
  • fitandhealthy8
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    Wrapping my foot and icing it were what worked for me. Freeze a water bottle and roll your foot on it, applying some pressure. You can google how to tape plantar fasciitis.
  • tjsoccermom
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    I use an arc trainer at the Y. So far, it hasn't bother it. A few other machines at my Y have. I also make sure to stop and stetch it every now and then, just off the back of the foot pedal. I also stretch well after. If I liked swimming, that would be my first choice. I just bought some Saucony's that has a higher arch than what I usually use and it seems to be helping. I've actually started a little bit of running on a rubber track too. Good luck!
  • Docmahi
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    I would think an arch would make it worse - but my knowledge of PF is much lower then a podiatrists.

    Like others have suggested - pool would be me thought process, even in a small pool if its shallow me and my roommate used to do a workout he did when he ran track in college. you basically run around the pool clockwise for 5 laps then switch to counterclockwise for five laps and run against the current resistance - great workout - and even though its running the water should offset weight quite a bit.
  • dsgoingtodoit
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    My husband suffers with this. He has a foot stretcher thing - it rolls and stabalizes the foot that he got off the internet...it is awkward looking...but it seems to help. He wears a brace at night for it. He has rolled his foot on a frozen bottle as well. He stretches before working out...but not enough frankly. Swimming would be great...even if you were to utilize the water weights...and kick on the side...and get in laps...you probably know - there is much more to the pool than people give it credit for. My husband walks on the treadmill for awhile...then hits the bike for a bit. He hates swimming...but my friend with PF says it is the best thing she can do for herself. In addition...long stretches...like 3-5 minutes at a time...are recommended. He NEVER goes barefoot...always in sandals that are supportive, tennis or work shoes. Best of luck to you...it will get better! ;D
  • kristafb
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    I started wearing minimalist shoes, and mine was gone within 4-5 months. I started with Nike Frees, and now prefer New Balance or Merrells. It wasn't a matter of exercises, but proper footwear.

    I've suffered with PF for years until l started wearing Reebox Flex, a minimalist shoe. Personally if i wear a shoe with a bit of a heel my feet & the fronts of my ankles cramp up horribly.

    also one of the best bits of advise I got for my PF was to keep a pop bottle full of water in the freezer & use it to roll the arch of your foot on. its amazing!
  • tom_olech
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    I recommend extra rest periods between workouts and any form of cardio which takes weight bearing out of the equation...i.e. stationary bike, running laps in a pool, rowing, etc
  • freasabreze
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    I did lots of stretching and icing. Then I started walking lots. I suffered for over a year with it. Then it slowly started to go away. I've been pain free for about a year now. I wear New Balance shoes.
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    swimming would be a great cardio work out - as long as you push yourself to swim laps and not just lollygag in the pool!
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    Ouch! I had that before. The chiropractor told me to stretch the backs of my legs. I used yoga stretching/breathing.
    But for cardio during that time, I found the recumbant bike or my mountain bike tolerable.
    That condition did totally clear up for me.
  • I have been suffering with this lately. And I really hate to give up my workouts. I am just about ready for a new pair of shoes. I am thinking I need to look into what has been said here.
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    I'd hit the pool. I've been dealing with PF for nearly two decades and the only thing I've found to make it go away is by wearing these as much as possible until it goes away: