Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone calories burned?

I just bought the "Walk away your waisteline" dvd and I love it! It makes you walk 3 miles in just 45 minutes from the comfort of your home which is great since I have a 3 year old and can't always make it to the gym.

My question is how many calories on average am I burning? I've tried to find it online but there are so many different answers.. I weigh 198lbs if that helps.

Any feedback is appreciated :)


  • Janelle173
    Janelle173 Posts: 396 Member
    You could log it on here as 3 15 minute miles. So, it says walk, 15 minute mile, how many minutes=45 minutes.

    The other way to calculate is to get some thing like a heart rate monitor to know really how many calories you are burning! :)
  • I do her videos as well and I log them in as Aerobics, step, with 10-12 inch steps.
  • Deanna149
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    am kinda curious myself as i use her videos also...if its new to me and im struggling getting thru (heart rate up there good...lots of sweating) i log it as aerobic general, otherwise it would be low-impact. must be pretty close as i am seeing results that way, good luck!
  • carfamily08
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    I was logging them as low impact aerobics but I got a hrm recently and found I burn a good bit more than MFP was giving me (closer to the high impact aerobic amount actually).
  • amberpitz
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    Your probably getting a good 500 calrie burn at 3 miles. I am using my own info with hr monitor and her videos to give you this estimate. I weigh about 8 more lbs than you. So might be close on the burn...I use a heart rate monitor for everything then make my own excersize if its not on there. You can also do what anyone above has said..good luck :)
  • Thanks everyone! I will try your suggestions.
  • aa62579
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    I log them as low impact aerobics which pretty much matches walking at 4mph (15 minute miles).

    When I reach 30 lbs down, my reward will be a HRM, and I am interested in seeing how it matches up.