Stopped seeing results

I am currently about 162 pounds which is down from my starting weight. But I haven't seen the scale move much in weeks. I keep my food between 1250-1500 calories everyday and I now have one diet soda a week. I also workout 6 days a week. I run/walk 4 days a week, cycle one day and do Zumba one day. I usually also do arms 2 days, legs 2 days and abs one day. I have been trying to mix up the exercises. I feel fantasic and I have lost a few inches. Do you guys think I am gaining muscle? Or have different suggestions for eating and working out.


  • ahviendha
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    do you eat back your exercise calories? and have you calculated your TDEE and BMR?
  • MightyDomo
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    Is that 1200-1500 net consumption or overall consumption?

    If it's not net then you probably could add more to your diet, aka. eating back your calories to net at least 1200 calories.

    If you are losing inches and you are netting 1200-1500 then you are fine, not all losses are measured on the scale and that's very obvious that you are losing inches instead of lbs :)
  • EpitomeOfSxy
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    I broke my plateau with increasing my fat and protein and lowering my carb intake to 50-100 grams a day. I am still eating 1570 calories a day and have gone over a couple times this week but the scale is consistently moving down. Perhaps you could try that, IDK what your diary looks like so perhaps play with your protein/carb/fat ratios like I did (I didn't lower my calories) and see if it helps :)
  • fatpanda96
    Usually when I hit a plateau I try to change everything up. Eat a little less of more (in your case if the 1200-1500 calories isn't net calories maybe you should try a little more) and change up my workout so my body doesn't get comfortable with any sort of routine and it will burn the calories easier.
  • Lt_Starbuck
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    its probably water and other fluids healing your muscles to evolve them to be able to handle all the new stuff youre doing and the intensity. It will wear off, totally. I would expect to start seeing weight from gaining muscle when you're at a place where you are eating more than you burn! :D Cheers to doing it right girl!!
  • samanthaNT
    The 1200-1500 is what I am actually eating. I guess I do need to pay attention more to the inches than the scale! And my weakness is carbs :( I probably do need to lower my carb intake just a little.
  • Brunner26_2
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    It's the diet soda.