Need some people to kick my *kitten*..

I've been off logging now for a few days. Found out my girlfriend had been cheating on me for the last 3 months, pretty ****ty thing to find out so i did go a little off the tracks after a bottle or two of Jack. Looking for some more supportive mfp friends :) need some people who will give me crap if i dont log. My confidence is pretty non existent at the minute so could do with some accountability.

Any takers?

Just an FYI I don't hate my ex, I know there is no excusing what she did, but life is too short to hate people, I'm the bigger person and I hope in the distant future I can maintain a friendship with her, rather than having just thrown 3 years in the bin.


  • Meghan0116
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    I am good with the *kitten* kicking. lol I am sorry that you are going through this. I am sure you can find lots of support on here. :):flowerforyou:
  • famousmel
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    There is nothing wrong with dealing with bumps (or mountains in this case) as they come along. The BIGGEST thing is you are back!! Nobody is perfect, so forgive yourself and get back to it!!
    Sorry about your sitch, best of luck on that.
  • oldernotwiser
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    Consider your *kitten* kicked. Now get back on the wagon! :smile:
  • elliott82
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    sometimes girls are just b****es. you don't have to hate her, but you sure as hell don't have to like her.

    don't let her bad actions affect your progress. maybe some day you can be friends with her like you said. if you do, prove to her how bad she screwed up by showing her how awesome you have been without her. or maybe some day you'll see how awesome you've been without her and don't even care to be her friend. feel free to add me. i know i can do with some *kitten* kicking myself.
  • Lt_Starbuck
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    So what's your workout look like today? Or are you still talking about how youre going to get back on the horse still? Cause one of these is proactive and awesome and the other one is lame.