Sports Bra advice

Good afternoon Ladies!

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good sports bra- here are my issues:

-Currently a 36 DD, pushing into an E

-Need something sturdy for high intesity workout

-Would also like something that keeps them a little flatter on my chest- I am doing Cross Fit and when we lift weights, I am constantly bruising the girls" with the bar and catching the bar on the underwire of the bra (at the top, between them)!!!! :sad:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • redraidergirl2009
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    Go for a typical sports bra, one that says max intensity if they say that. I got an underarmour one for $20 that's good.
  • Sarahlascelles
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    Shock absorber are really good. They have varying intensities so make sure you get the highest. Pricey I'm afraid, but mine have lasted years.
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    under armour zip front. at 34DD it flattens the girls down nicely. I can wear it for a full marathon, no problem.
  • Elle_Elle
    Hi Carriem73,

    I have the same issue except i'm much bigger than you are. I went to, because I saw a recommendation for the Panache (sp?) sports bra. It was super expensive, but it had awesome reviews for bigger girls. It's supposed to hold it all in like the Enell, but it's almost as expensive. I ended up not getting it but found one made by Champion. I made the mistake of ordering a size up since I've always found sports bras were too small even if they were my size. Unfortunately, it was too big, and then, I realized too late it had no underwire. I still use it though with another underneath, as I'm just too big to wear just one sports bra. I'm not sure if anything can hold down these girlies.

    Anyway, that website has a ton of sports bras. I will say if the one I ordered were smaller and had underwire it would be pretty good. I probably would go with Champion again, and the prices are reasonable. I would check out the site. You can customize your search to find exactly what you need, and most of the items have a ton of reviews to see if it is worth it. I have heard Underarmour and Champion were good, as well as one called Fiona (?). I can't remember if that is the name of the bra or the brand, but it seemed to have a bunch of good reviews on it as well.

  • thevegankelly
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    I'm about the same size as you or a cup size bigger, and I had a crappy time finding a bra that worked. Now I have a CW-X bra and I love it. It's not the most attractive look (they're pretty smooshed in there), but I don't bounce around like crazy.
  • abbyrae1
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    anything that is compression style will probably help hold them in place.

    Sometimes when doing high intensity workouts, I will double up sports bras and it seems to keep everything secure.
  • Laura42012
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    I double up. I never found anything that worked since my post pregnancy days being bigger than a D.
  • thirstyflea
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    I swear by the Anita maximum support, which I got on I didn't realize until I got my first one that there's no underwire, which freaked me out until I tried it and it DOES actually still offer great support. I do bouncy cardio classes and strength.weight training with a personal trainer, and I haven't had any problems. Ok, I still knock the "girls" sometimes, but hey, I figure it's one of the hazards!!
  • scyian
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    Shock absorbers are brilliant. I'm 34/E and they don't move when i'm wearing mine.
  • Joreanasaurous
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    Moving Comfort makes some fantastic bras. Fiona and Junk are my favs. I swear by them.
  • lmc8774
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    I agree with the person who recommended HerRoom and also might want to check out the Title Nine website. They have sports bras that go up to DD and E.
  • Sarah_L_S
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    I found shock absorber really good.
  • BunkyBumBum
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    I'm a 34 GG I can wear my wacoal awareness bra at the gym with no problems. I started by doing it just until I found a sports bra (I tried on that panache sports bra at Nordstroms but I didn't really care for it, can't remember why - might have been the hefty price tag). Anyhow, never did find a good sports bra for my size and I haven't had any issues with my wacoal, it doesn't flatten entirely but it minimizes and holds everything in tight with wide shoulder straps for comfort.

    Tip for big chested girls: Nordstrom is awesome for measuring. Try on a bunch, note what you like, maybe buy one or two at the ridiculous retail price, but then when you're buying more check ebay for new items. I bought two bras at Nordstrom for just under $200. I liked them a lot, they fit like a dream, but as they started to get worn I decided to just check ebay for new items. I bought the same two bras for $50, for BOTH. They were new without tags, in packaging. I think they were "not quite perfect," one I can't find anything wrong with, but one has a small piece of excess fabric (about 1 cm) that is between the two layers of fabric in the cup. I didn't even notice it until I had been wearing the bra for months, it's not noticeable at all but their quality control caught it and so I got a deal. Seriously, choose your favorite expensive bra and look for it on ebay in new condition, you're welcome. ;)
  • Joreanasaurous
    Joreanasaurous Posts: 1,384 Member
    Moving Comfort makes some fantastic bras. Fiona and Juno are my favs. I swear by them.
  • StephGettinFit
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    Under armor!
  • Mlkmaid
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    MOVING COMFORT. The only sports bra I trust with my 36 D girls. And I'm a runner.
  • emmamaree71
    i'm a DDD and always double up which SUCKS!

    found this link on Pinterest but haven't actually bought any of them yet... worth a shot!
  • HarlowS
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    i'm a DDD and always double up which SUCKS!

    found this link on Pinterest but haven't actually bought any of them yet... worth a shot!

    Thanks for sharing the link!
  • MelWhiskey
    I am a DDD and I highly recommend Enell - they are pricey but they are super comfortable and control the bounce. It is not underwire which I think is a plus - no worries about a wire digging into you! It is front closure so easy to put on and take off. Good luck!
  • haanmom
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    I'm currently 34D but was 34DDD while breastfeeding.

    I like the Fiona and Juno. Juno is a little harder to get into, especially if you have broad shoulders like I do, but also is far and away the most supportive, high impact (without "smashed" feeling) sports bra I've ever had.



    The Moving Comfort website is really user friendly too if you want to browse around on it. The bras are a little $ but totally worth it.