Before and During results (PICS)

Yasmine91 Posts: 599 Member
I woke up this morning and couldn't believe the progress that I have made. Never before did I think that I would ever be able to get results by doing it the old fashioned way. I always thought that I would be stuck for the rest of my life eating 500 calories a day.

I have only lost 15lbs but I can already see a huge difference and I couldn't be happier, I can't wait to see what happens when I get to target!

This was me in October last year weighing 15st 12lbs (222lbs)


and this is me today 14st 11lbs (207lbs)


A small victory but I'm so happy!


  • Bronx_Montgomery
    Bronx_Montgomery Posts: 2,309 Member
    Great job! And Nice Curves. Keep up the great work and never lose sight of your goal!
  • skinnyeascolady
    skinnyeascolady Posts: 287 Member
    great job, hard work paying off. You look awesome. Be proud
  • You look great Hun congrats xx
  • A bunch of small victories lead to a big Victory, GREAT JOB
  • amymfr
    amymfr Posts: 17
    Amazing transformation already! You look wonderful!!! What a good motivator to keep going : ) Awesome work!!!!!
  • cgarand
    cgarand Posts: 541 Member
    You look great! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm so glad you aren't eating 500 calories a day anymore! Eat healthy and move your body and you will never see 15 st again.
  • peggyalex
    peggyalex Posts: 174 Member
    WOW! you can totally see the difference! great work!
  • taniamcc
    taniamcc Posts: 12 Member
    OMG love it :)
  • MrsK20141004
    MrsK20141004 Posts: 489 Member
    Great work! I would've never said you weighed anywhere near 200 lbs in either picture. Way to go!
  • Yasmine91
    Yasmine91 Posts: 599 Member
    Thanks so much everyone! I'm gonna push even harder this week! XD Good luck to everyone on your journey! xxxxxxx
  • KimberlyDCZ
    KimberlyDCZ Posts: 526 Member
    You look GREAT! Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!
  • jwilson3787
    jwilson3787 Posts: 146
    wow awesome results Be Proud! Your hard work is paying off :)
  • d0nodon
    d0nodon Posts: 37 Member
    way to go chicka : )
  • BeautyAndStrength50
    BeautyAndStrength50 Posts: 271 Member
  • Cindym82
    Cindym82 Posts: 1,245 Member
    Great job girl!! you look great!
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