Work-appropriate walking shoes

Hey guys,

I love to walk to and from work but I'm sick of carrying my running shoes around with me.

Do you know what brand (preferably in Australia but I can shop online) sells good, supportive shoes that can be worn for about an hour's walk, but at the same time are appropriate for work?

I work in an office. The dress code is casual but I still wouldn't feel comfortable wearing my running shoes there. I thought maybe all-black Vans or someone suggested Nike Airs (still too casual?) but I would love some other opinions!



  • Anyone?
  • LibbyCaramia
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    Aussie here, I've just bought some soft leather Dr. Marten's for work - I work in a cafe and am constantly moving so I needed something comfortable, supportive but also professional looking. I'm really happy with them, usually I go through a few pairs of Volleys a year (comfy, but not long-lasting at all) so really enjoying these tough Doc's.

    Just Google "Dr. Marten's Tisha" if you wanna check 'em out :)

    They were $180 which was surprising, expected to pay upwards of 200 for Doc's. Great value.

    Otherwise, try Ecco or Skechers. Also comfy and long-lasting.

    Good luck!
  • traceyjj
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    How far are you walking?

    I love my ecco shoes, and my sketchers, so a thumbs up from me for both those brands
  • Get comfy shoes and keep heels in the office.
  • LeonnieH
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    Do you not have somewhere at the office to leave your trainers rather than carrying them around during the day? I would leave a pair of work shoes at the office (to save carrying them to and from work) and then wear my trainers to and from the office.
  • dlegros
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    It was easy for me - I work in front-line Emergency Room, my work shoes are high leg Magnum Protector public order boots.

    Very comfy walking around for a 13h shift, still comfy when you have to drop you car off at a garage for service and walk home 6 miles after said 13 hour shift! :-)

    Not really office shoes though...

  • Do you have a Rohan store in Australia?

    They do travel shoes, which are smart emough to go to a resteraunt in, comfortable enough to wear everyday for months, and tough enough for light trekking.

    I loved mine. Wore a hole in the sole I wore them THAT much!
  • Thanks everyone! I'll check out all of those suggestions. Really appreciate it :)

    I'd feel weird leaving my shoes at work because I've currently got a share-job and wouldn't want the other employee to deal with my shoes being left in his workspace haha.
  • selmafeki
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    What about some nice Reebok easytones? They're quite discrete and nice looking :)
  • MacDHH
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    Do you have Dansko/Sanita around? I used to wear their Margarete (sp?) style when I walked to work years ago (it was about an hour each way). I found them more comfortable than trainers! I did have heels at work but if it was a casual day, I didn't bother changing (we had to wear suits on some days). They're not the prettiest shoes around, but with some long, wide-legged trousers, only the tip sticks out.

    Also, could you leave your shoes in a box or discreet shoe bag out of the way of the other employee?
  • macdiver
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    Do you guys have Birkenstocks Australia? Their shoes are good for walking.

    I have been wearing some of the Merrell Barefoot life shoes which are good for a casual office environment and for walking. Again, I'm not sure of the availability in your country