A tax on bottled water?

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I saw this article about water now being a more popular drink than soda in the US (yay!). But the thing that really caught my eye was these paragraphs:
Because of concerns that plastic bottles create too much waste, experts say bottled water could be hit by a public backlash similar to the one that has whipsawed the soda industry with pushes for bans and taxes.
Bottled water already is starting to face similar opposition. The town of Concord, Mass. earlier this year banned the sale of water bottles that are less than a liter. And the University of Vermont became the first public university to ban the sale of bottled water.

I can't say I would disagree with such a tax, but I would hate to see it banned.


  • Mokey41
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    I would agree that we don't need small bottled water being sold everywhere, especially in first world countries where it's more than safe to drink tap water. It creates tons of waste that has to be dealt with every year. If you want to drink water, carry a water bottle and reuse it.
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    New York City has a surcharge on water bottles. You get this money refunded if you take the bottles back to a recycling machine.
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    There's been a tax and deposit on water bottles in NY for about 2yrs now....the deposit 5 cents and you get it back when you return the bottles so it's really not a big deal, but the tax is 8.50% where I'm from so a case was like $6
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    Buy a reusable bottle. Refill it. I've just solved the problem. :)
  • bcattoes
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    Buy a reusable bottle. Refill it. I've just solved the problem. :)

    I agree with this, and it's why I would not oppose a tax. But I don't think it's feasible 100% of the time, which is why I'd oppose a ban. If you are traveling or just out for whatever reason, there is not always water available to refill. Sometimes you stop at a convenience store for a bottle of something to drink. I'd hate for water to no longer be an option.
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    Buy a reusable bottle. Refill it. I've just solved the problem. :)
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    bottled water is horribly irresponsible. it doesn't have to go through the same quality checks as the water that comes out of the tap, and is often irresponsibly sourced which causes disruptions in ecosystems around the world. Fiji water, for example, was siphoning so much water out of the water supplies in Fiji that the people who live there didn't have enough to drink. carring your own water is good for the environment and the world. you can also buy collapsible water bottles that just roll up like a roll of quarters when they're empty. also, it's about 99% cheaper to get it from the tap than to spend all that money on those plastic waters that are just wreaking havoc on the environment.
  • bcattoes
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    Plastic should be banned, not the water. Those goddamn toxic freaking plastic bottles should be illegal.

    All plastic? Or just pre-filled plastic bottles of water?
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    I approve of taxes/fees imposed on plastics intended to be one use and discarded. It's a whole lot of resources and trash for very little benefit and convenience.

    Both cities I live in (SF and Seattle) have a ban on plastic grocery bags, so pay extra for paper or bring your own tote! If people really want non-tap water, should get those giant water cooler to containers delivered and re-used imo.