30 Day Shred?

who uses it and what kind of results did you see?

i'm considering get it just wanted your opinion


  • smuehlbauer
    smuehlbauer Posts: 1,041 Member
    lol, I just got done doing day two.
    It's kicking my butt, but I am really out of shape, cardio wise.
    It's good. It's quick.
  • SammyLynn010
    SammyLynn010 Posts: 293 Member
    Okay--this is probably going to sound bad but... I did it for 6 days and LOVED IT ... I could tell a difference in just 6 DAYS!

    I stopped because I gave blood the next day and i started a new job with 12 shifts.... I just don't have a good routine down yet. But I plan on doing it in the morning...because I soooo enjoy it!!! =D
  • 00trayn
    00trayn Posts: 1,849 Member
    I've done it for the past month, but not every single day so I've completed Levels 1 and 2 and just started Level 3. It's definitely a great workout, and I've been doing 4-5 days a week. I can tell a noticeable increase in my stamina and in my muscle tones from doing it. And the best part, I've gone from 183 to 176 pounds and I'm not even done! I haven't taken my measurements from when I started, but that's happening Friday. Just by looking at myself in the mirror, I can tell my waist is narrower, my stomach "pooch" has gotten smaller, and my calves are smaller. I highly recommend checking it out! For 27 minutes a day, it's a great workout. I combine it with going to the gym twice a week and a weekly zumba class :D
  • kimberley1001
    What is the 30 day shred? Ive never heard of it?

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  • bonitatica
    bonitatica Posts: 34 Member
    30 Day Shred is a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser....its supposed to be a really good workout! well i think i'm gonna go ahead and it. and see how i do on it.
  • RooMcDermott
    RooMcDermott Posts: 105 Member
    I am on Day 9 of Level 1 and am terrified to jump to Level 2..but I am going to do it...I love the 30DS!
  • ErinGiam
    ErinGiam Posts: 396 Member
    I just got mine in the mail today! So excited to start doing it tomorrow!!
  • selbyhutch
    selbyhutch Posts: 531 Member
    I'm on day 6 of level 1. I love it - definitely challenging. It's amazing how much futher you can go every day. With that said, my muscles are really sore today. I'm also doing the 100 push-up challenge... so I think that is playing a big part of my muscle strain. I'm taking my first day off tomorrow. Highly recommend the Shred!
  • funkyspunky871
    funkyspunky871 Posts: 1,675 Member
    I'm on the first day of level 2 and it's really great. So much fun. :) I definitely suggest it. It's pretty quick...

    I can't really tell a difference just by sight because I'm still 260 pounds...And I was an idiot and didn't take any measurements in the beginning... But, I can feel an increase in my stamina. I can't believe the stuff that I'm doing at this weight! I'd never imagined I'd be doing jumping jacks and push ups. So cool.
  • PaleoIsPossible
    I've always been active (I cycle for Florida State University, I've played sports since 4th grade competitively, etc) and it kicked my booty! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's a quick workout (so if you're pressed for time, it's great!), but you get an awesome sweat going, and you can feel your muscles changing just after a few days. And it's so amazing to see how quickly level 1 becomes a breeze if you put your full effort into it.

    I've only done it 6 days so far (and just tried out Level 2 for the first time), and I haven't measured myself yet... But I can tell a huge difference in my thighs by just looking at them and how my pants fit them. And, my tush has been so sore, along with my pecs. So, I'm definitely looking forward to the extra push up it will give those areas. lol.

    Also, I ordered mine off of amazon for FIVE dollars. It said it was going to take 20 days for it to arrive, and it literally took 2. :] So really, for 5 bucks, what do you have to lose?

    Good luck!!
  • shmilla
    shmilla Posts: 19
    I just started 30DS, so if you want a motivating workout pal, I can do that! I love the workout and I'm doing it to build a baseline for a really tough bootcamp I just signed up for. Day 1 I could do 10 pushups comfortably and now on Day 5, I can do 15. It's really the best fitness investment. Good luck!
  • HeatherCanDoIt
    HeatherCanDoIt Posts: 165 Member
    I love it, I have been at it for about a week and each day I feel better and better. I love that I can fit it in to my schedule and the time flies by.
    I am not a huge fan of exercise DVDs and I love it!!!
  • karen366
    karen366 Posts: 141
    I completed the 30 day shred..I was able to do it in 32 days(skipped 2 days due to work/family obligations). I lost 4 pounds during that 30 days, and 13.5 inches(measuring chest, waist, hip, thighs and biceps.) I still do a level of the shred about once a week..level 1 I will do on a light day. The biggest thing I noticed after doing the shred was the increase in endurance/