Let's lose 20+ pounds by June 21! (Group)



  • jujuki47
    jujuki47 Posts: 84 Member
  • I am new to this, I would def love to join!
  • :smile: I'm in!!!
  • Pretty__Beastie
    Pretty__Beastie Posts: 1 Member
    Count me in as well!!! I just lost 30+ and ready to lose 30 more!!! I am so in!!!:smile:
  • annemw82
    annemw82 Posts: 97 Member
    yes please! count me in!
  • musicrocks133
    musicrocks133 Posts: 70 Member
    Count me in
  • bonnykate
    bonnykate Posts: 123
    Hell yes I want in!! :)
  • clairekeogh42
    clairekeogh42 Posts: 127 Member
    Would love to lose 20lbs by June!! Count me in please!!:smile:
  • brittpk
    brittpk Posts: 8 Member
    count me in!!!
  • Chelz2013
    Chelz2013 Posts: 176 Member
    Me, too, please!
  • IN!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  • Sassymanda
    Sassymanda Posts: 12 Member
    I'm in!!!!!
  • em89stan
    em89stan Posts: 6
    in! :D
  • I'm in!!!
  • Can i please be added. I only need to lose 15 pounds though.
  • Devpsych
    Devpsych Posts: 11 Member
    Hi, my name is Jeanna. I am very motivated at the moment, due to unexpected trip coming up at end of April. I have learned the last two weeks that having a goal and someone else that is involved helps. I started off on Jan 1st at 288 lbs, and as of today am down to 266 lbs. I would love to be in this group as it provides the support and goal to help me keep on track. I also am looking for new friends to communicate with on a daily/weekly basis about activities/goals to receive/provide support. I have been up to 255 lbs years ago and was able to lose down to 156 lbs, but life stresses and Fibromyalgia and made me abandon my healthy eating at the time, which got me to the 288 lb mark. I am n:happy: :happy: ot exercising, which I did not do the last time I lost weight, and I hope this will help me loss/keep off the weight better and help with my Fibro pain (having to exercise through it, if you are going to hurt make it count I keep telling myself). javascript:add_smiley('happy','post_body')
  • arhummel
    arhummel Posts: 32 Member
    I am in! I am already down 14 since Jan!
  • chicanita91
    chicanita91 Posts: 154 Member
    Oh I would love to lose 20 pounds by then, that would nearly put me at my goal weight, I'm in!!
  • antdogs
    antdogs Posts: 192 Member
    heeeey heyy wazup i already lost 20 lbs! since december been hitting the gym cutting crap out of my diet! but hey im anthony from NYC! whats upp
  • AbbieMelissa7
    AbbieMelissa7 Posts: 7 Member
    Could you add me aswell please :) xx
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