Is loose skin inevitable? ... pics included (Sorry)

I know it's impossible to say for sure, but I really need some honest opinions. I just got serious about losing weight, so I still have a long ways to go. My current weight is 276 and I'm 5'7" tall. I'm only 25, so I hope that will work to my advantage. I gained nearly 100 pounds in 2 years and spent another two years at the higher weight. I have no problem running and can conceal the fat fairly well under clothes. I hate how my belly hangs though... and I haven't even had any kids yet. Since my belly already sags, I'm guessing that it will eventually turn into a lot of loose skin when I reach my goal weight. Was anyone ever in a similar situation? Did losing weight help lift your stomach?

I used to be really active, but once I graduated college that stopped. I work at a computer all day and quit working out. Now, I'm focused on working out, eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I cut soda out of my diet, so at least that's a start. I even went on a 5 mile bike ride yesterday without an issue.

I'm really stressed that I might need a tummy tuck later on down the road. Since you're supposed to wait until your done having kids for that, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm still single at this point, so I have no idea when kids will come. I don't want to be stuck with loose, saggy skin forever.

Here are a couple of pictures....

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  • Mads1997
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    I can't see the pictures but I would say if you eat healthy, lose slowly and do a lot of strength training will help with whatever skin you may or may not get. You have age on your side which helps also.

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  • melindanew
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    No, it's not inevitable, but it is possible. It has happened to me, it doesn't happen to others. Some will say that slower weight loss will prevent it, but that's BS. It depends on age, genetics, how often you yo-yo dieted, and your body in particular.

    I suspect in your case, you should just lose the weight and find out. Why stress about a tummy tuck when you have other issues to solve first? My mama says don't borrow trouble, let it come to you.

    Good luck. :)
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    I don't have experience with as much weight loss as you describe that you need, but I lost 45 lbs and I had a huge flabby stomach that shrunk up into a tiny tummy over a year later. You would never know I was fat. I am 24. I think if you work on strengthening your abdominal muscles and back you will carry your shrinking stomach better. Also, if you lose weight correctly (slow, steady, and healthy) then maybe your skin will have time to shrink up. I mean, loose skin isn't as bad as being overweight and unhealthy. Worry about the skin when you get your health on track <3
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    Thanks guys! I plan on working out a lot, which I used to love to do. So I guess I'm just worried about losing weight too fast and being stuck with a flabby mess.
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    Can't see the pics
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    Can't answer, but can help with pics:


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    Your current pictures aren't going to help anyone predict what will happen. The only way to know is to do it and find out. You're young, your chances are probably very high of recovering well. Don't forget, it can take years after you reach your goal weight for everything to tighten up (if it will). In other words, you're a long, long way from having to worry about this. And even then, what's the point in worrying about something you can't control or change?
  • Barbellerella
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    I think you will probably need one. This probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but from the looks of the bottom portion, I would say you'll be a good candidate for it. Yes you should wait till you're done having kids or you will just stretch it back out again. Definitely weight train, and try to lose it at a slow, healthy rate.

    This group has lots of great info...

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  • jenniferrusso7393
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    I think its partly genetics... I had a friend who tried some skin firming cream and she liked what it did to her tummy post kids-- it may not completely get rid of it, but it might help, and I think with time it generally firms up too... just give it time the best part is you are getting healthy.
  • marybowldseddington
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    I think male or female also matters. Women naturally carry more weight in the middle but genetics determines the elasticity of skin. My husband had gastric bypass and went from 311 to 176 with very little loose skin.


  • Lone_Wolf70
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    speaking as some1 who lost 100.....there's just no way around it. I would def agree with Barbarella, LIFT will ste the tide, so to speak. Do you best.

    I would say this, better to be alive with loose skin than fat and dead.
  • Deedsie
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    I have lost over 80 lbs and I'm very close to goal. I have lost it slowly while working out though admittedly with more cardio then strength training which I have heard has better results. Personally, I would rather run 10 miles than lift weights for an hour so I have to force myself to do strength training.

    So back to skin after that tangent, yes, I still have loose skin, but it's not awful/disgusting in my opinion. I definitely wouldn't consider surgery to have it not be loose/saggy. I mean then I would just have a scar. I gained the weight. I have fought to take and keep the weight off. Loose skin doesn't make me any less successful or beautiful in my opinion and frankly, that's all that counts to me.
  • bbanwo
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    hey good luck losing weight, when I was 25 i lose 75 pounds and It changed my life. Go after your dream lose the weight and start living your life lady.
  • Lose it slow and make sure you exercise. By slow I mean no more than 3 lbs per week. I was fairly close to your pics there 25 lbs ago and everything but my boobs (seems they are having gravity issues) are shrinking up nicely. Don't stress about something that may or may not happen. You're still gonna lose the weight anyways RIGHT?
  • It is completely genetic! (Also,There is no reason you have to wait until you have kids,:happy: if it is something that you feel troubled about.)
  • mfoster1019
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    Between weight loss and pregnancy with my daughter (she's almost 3), I have a HORRIBLE belly pooch. Not trying to scare you, just trying to be real. It is the one thing that is keeping me from being truly happy with my success. My stomach fat/skin is the one thing that I've noticed hasn't changed much, which makes me fear that it is a combo of excess skin and fat deposits that will not go away with diet/exercise. I have thought of doing a consultation for a tummy tuck because I feel that might be my only option to get rid of it. I'm not trying to take the "easy" route of getting rid of the pooch by surgery instead of working for it, but I've been working at it and nothing is changing. I work out 6 days a week, 30-45 minutes a day (3x I run, 3x I do Jillian Michaels circuit training DVDs which includes strength/abs). I will probably give it some more time to see if things tighten up. Like PPs have said, it's impossible to know if you will have any excess skin...just realize it could be a possibility so you aren't shocked/depressed by it if it does happen. I am around your age as well so I am hoping that works in my favor also.

    Regardless, don't let the possibility of loose skin keep you from your weight loss goals.
  • LJCannon
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    :wink: Strength Training from Day One, Lots of Water, and PATIENCE would be my Tips. A lot of people also recommend Moisturizers and I am sure that couldn't hurt though I personally didn't really Moisturize as much as I probably should have. Still, considering how much Weight I lost, I really don't have too much of an Issue with Loose Skin. Hopefully it will continue to get tighter with Time & Patience.
  • CoderGal
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    Honest opinion:

    You are over weight. That's why your belly is hanging. It's not because there's a pile of lose skin there. Well it happen? It might.

    Losing will help to a point. When I gained weight my butt was doing all the sagging. And I lost 30 lbs of it. What sagged still sagged but to a lesser degree. But I eventually figured out why. Once I started becoming active it got better. When I started lifting it got even better. Lift....lift lift lift...lift lift. Especially if this is a concern of yours. I recommend Stronglifts 5x5. Or anything that can progress beyond those small barbie dumbbells.

    Skin is elastic. It can shrink back to a point. Don't assume you'll look terrible. Many people do that and they end up looking fantastic. Why stress over something that might not happen. Especially if you take precautions for you to be the best you.

    Skin takes time. Even once you're done your weight loss give it time because skin takes time to recover too.

    Pics: I've seen people lose a lot and not sag, I've seen people lose a little and sag. It's one of those things that's hard to eyeball if you ask me.

    Advice: Take a look around at these boards at the success pictures. Many of them have lost significant amounts of weight. And they look fantastic. Those that do have sagging skin you would never tell unless you flashed it at everyone.

    If you're afraid of sagging lose weight slowly to give your skin time to adjust.

    Do strength training. Do it. Now. Do it right now. You'll thank the people who suggest this later. I never lifted a thing in my life until the end of last year and I'm already thanking everyone profusely. If you are over weight you have more muscle mass then other people. And if you try to strength train and get rid of the fat you'll look significantly better significantly faster. I wish I knew better. I lost all the weight doing nothing and then a lot of cardio and had to gain 10lbs trying to put muscle back on me so I wasn't a rake with skin and fat.

    If you feel like giving up on the dieting part because of lose skin there's a last resort alternative. Keep your weight and strength train. You'll be slimmer, firmer, stronger, and will have heaps more confidence.
  • looplulu
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    I definitely plan on losing the weight either way. It was a major eye opener to realize that none of the clothes in my closet fit anymore.

    I was never a yo-yo dieter. In fact, I was at a healthy and consistent weight my whole life until I graduated college. I somehow let things spiral out of control. Now I can't wait to get healthy again! Despite my concerns about loose skin, I still am motivated to lose weight. No more snacking on chips and candy or going back for seconds.

    I'm sure the skin problem is inevitable, but it is nice to have a glimmer of hope.