I've never eaten...



  • Deedsie
    Deedsie Posts: 348 Member
    Beef. It's not what's for dinner.
  • gowrirao81
    gowrirao81 Posts: 139 Member
    Foie Gras!
  • tommygirl15
    tommygirl15 Posts: 1,012 Member
    Frog legs

    (took a while to think of something, I've eaten a LOT of kinds of foods)
  • Warchortle
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  • kriddle428
    kriddle428 Posts: 11 Member
    Any kind of fish, plums, pears, Wendy's burgers, tomatoes,
  • TygerTwoTails
    TygerTwoTails Posts: 108 Member
  • I'm so with you on the Cottage Cheese. Just looks horrible. Add Dippin' Dots to the list, too. (They look too much like Cottage Cheese)
  • BlueObsidian
    BlueObsidian Posts: 297 Member
    Ranch dressing. When I was a kid, I decided I hated all kinds of sauces and dressings. Most of them I tried later in life and enjoy. However, during college I had some friends that put ranch dressing on everything. After watching people slather it all over their pizza, I realized that I already had a weight problem and was probably better off assuming I hated it :)

    Reading this thread, I realized I've never had Nutella or a Big Mac (I've always been a Quarter Pounder kind of girl). Not sure why I haven't tried Nutella yet. If I do decide to try them, I'll have to have my Big Mac without onions. I can't stand raw onions.

    On the slightly less common list, I've never eaten:
    -Foie Gras
    -Frog legs
    -Most types of organ meat
  • shovav91
    shovav91 Posts: 2,335 Member
    Any form of pork
  • super_J73
    super_J73 Posts: 257 Member
    any seafood and it's by choice.
  • JeneticTraining
    JeneticTraining Posts: 663 Member
    I've never eaten dog.
  • Jessimaaka
    Jessimaaka Posts: 127 Member
    Never eaten at Taco Bell (I make the best homemade ones!), or Nutella.
  • x0xRebeccax0x
    x0xRebeccax0x Posts: 20 Member
    I've never had chitlins, collard greens, any "weird" body parts (pigs feet, gizzards, etc.), big mac, quarter pounder, those disgusting pink coconut things that have been discussed in this thread already, (I tried a twinkie once about 2 years ago.. DISGUSTING.. don't bother!)

    Growing up I was forced, by my parents, to try quite a few things that I despise--raw veggies of any kind (excluding lettuce), tomato soup (especially with chunks of tomato), onion rings, tapioca pudding... the list goes on and on!
  • Tripe, heart, jellied eels or roll-mop herrings - and it's highly unlikely I ever will. I like liver and braised kidneys but cannot bring myself to prepare either so only get to eat them if my Mum or Sister cook them. The raw texture and tubes put me off. To this day I have no idea how my husband convinced me to try snails (I can only think I was a little drunk) but I do like them.
  • Queen_JessieA
    Queen_JessieA Posts: 1,059 Member
    Aw, nevermind.
  • allysonvb
    allysonvb Posts: 236 Member
    White Castle
    Brussels sprouts
    Caviar (is that common?)
  • Queen_JessieA
    Queen_JessieA Posts: 1,059 Member
    Have never had quinoa, kale or gizzards. No liver (thank God my mom hated it) or other innards. Giblet gravy. Dog, cat, horse or any other pet type animals.

    I have had a lot of wild life (deer, turtle, alligator, squirrel, rabbit, etc...). My dad is a hunter.
  • Queen_JessieA
    Queen_JessieA Posts: 1,059 Member
    peanut butter

    You poor child!

    My son has never had it...but he is deathly allergic. We can't even eat it around him. I keep a jar at home so when he is at school, tho :) Yums. And hello....Reese's eggs are DIVINE!!
  • bluefox9er
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    meat. never ever tasted it..have no idea what a dead animal tastes like. im sure it's pretty good, but i have never ever tasted it.
  • shaynak112
    shaynak112 Posts: 751 Member
    I had vegetarian sushi for the first time a few months ago. not impressed.
    There are so many things that I haven't eaten actually. My coworkers are always going to lunch and getting super cool foods that I've never heard of.
    I haven't eaten a lot of seafood before. Since I'm veg, I certainly won't be in the future.