My Transformation Video



  • cinrn68
    cinrn68 Posts: 215 Member
    Excellent job! Congrats and keep up the good work!!
  • MissingPixies
    MissingPixies Posts: 322 Member
    You are amazing and such an inspiration. That video was also very motivating to keep me moving toward my goal. Thanks for sharing.
  • Sarge516
    Sarge516 Posts: 256 Member
  • rxman13
    rxman13 Posts: 348 Member
    What an inspiring video! Thank you for sharing!!
    where r u
  • muttnchop
    muttnchop Posts: 15 Member
    Your smile in that after photo is look amazing!!! Love the video :heart:
  • KC7997
    KC7997 Posts: 69 Member
    Great video! Thanks for sharing!
  • Juggernaut_D
    Juggernaut_D Posts: 149 Member
    Wonderful video. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!
  • alsuna
    alsuna Posts: 65 Member
    wow! congratulations!
  • kleonard42
    kleonard42 Posts: 204 Member
    that video was AMAZING!!!! I'm so glad I saw this. wow. you are such a motivation. GOOD JOB!!!! That sweet little baby really has a strong mommy to look up to:)

    Keep it up and thank you so so much for sharing!!
  • blackiris49
    blackiris49 Posts: 128 Member
    You are awesome! And you made me cry a little. Great job!

    Me too.
    Great work and an inspiration to us all. :flowerforyou: