Candy Crush Confessions

highervibes Posts: 2,219 Member
omg... Im' SO ADDICTED to this game it's not even funny! Anyone else?


  • dsjsmom23
    dsjsmom23 Posts: 234 Member
    Stupid game! Makes me want chocolate! LOL I have been stuck on level 65 FOREVER!

    Yes, I am addicted too hahaha!
  • YourGirl_Tina
    YourGirl_Tina Posts: 962 Member
    level 62 here lol
  • chessgeekdavidb
    chessgeekdavidb Posts: 208 Member
    I confess, I have never played candy crush.
  • highervibes
    highervibes Posts: 2,219 Member
    I confess, I have never played candy crush.

    I don't recommend starting lol
  • Momf3boys
    Momf3boys Posts: 1,637 Member
    Damn...I'm only on level 29 and I have been stuck there FOREVER...
  • DCaffrey
    DCaffrey Posts: 19 Member
    Was stuck on level 29 for ages, now stuck on level 33, so addictive.
  • Wystaria
    Wystaria Posts: 12
    Ugh! Level 65 for days!
  • Vain_Witch
    Vain_Witch Posts: 476 Member
    Completely addicted and been stuck on level 65 for like 2 weeks!
  • jpalocy77
    jpalocy77 Posts: 114 Member
    level 65 must be rough...cause i've been stuck on it for about 5 days.. I am addicted as well, and get tired of running out of lives! lol
  • wellbur
    wellbur Posts: 240 Member
    I am addicted, i have wasted hours of my life on this game. i'm on level 123
  • julesy_b
    julesy_b Posts: 26 Member
    Its pretty addictive I like it too :)
  • LoveCR22
    LoveCR22 Posts: 75 Member
    I'm addicted too, Drives me crazy most days but still go back for more was stuck for 3 days on level 140 and finally beat it now to wait for tickets to start the new level :tongue:
  • I play it separately through facebook and on my phone. I am addicted, and it makes me want to eat candy! :)
  • Mama_Jag
    Mama_Jag Posts: 474 Member
    Level 173 - STUCK. Addict - yes. :smile:
  • CAS317
    CAS317 Posts: 267 Member
    I'm a newb and only on level 5. Maybe I should quit before it gets out of hand!!!
  • hunter1025
    hunter1025 Posts: 281 Member
    Same here. Stuck on level 62.
  • Sweet_Gurl_Next_Door
    Sweet_Gurl_Next_Door Posts: 735 Member
    never heard of it. what is it?
  • Rachlmale
    Rachlmale Posts: 641 Member
    Don't you have to pay for the full version? :( I finished the free trial I think... the whole wait for lives thing got on my nerves... I was addicted and needed to play it NOW!
  • Yup, I am too. I'm not on fb so I've actually locked myself out. I can't go any further unless I have a fb account or buy tickets. SMH, just when I was getting reallllly addicted.
  • Dawnomite
    Dawnomite Posts: 37 Member
    65 took almost 3 months for me!! FINALLY beat it last night! woot!