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how bad is maxing your heartrate every day?

meeper123 Posts: 3,347 Member
I have been running everyday this week i feel fine other than sleepy, but i just want to make sure the old ticker isnt being damaged or something.


  • Cyclink
    Cyclink Posts: 517 Member
    Assuming you are actually hitting your maximum (not a theoretical estimate), it's not the worst thing (unless it gives you a heart attack and you die from it).

    But there's really no benefit to it either.
  • RonandDi
    RonandDi Posts: 120 Member
    My guess is that you recently changed your exercise to increase your heartrate...chances are it won't be long before your HR drops. I try to increase either my pace or distance every few weeks, and for the first week, my HR is always real high, but it eventually goes down as you get used to the change.

    This morning was one of the high days...I added 10% to my pace and at the end of the 40 minutes, I was worn out, but by the end of next week, all will be normal again.
  • Topsking2010
    Topsking2010 Posts: 2,245 Member
    Speak to your doctor. You need an expert opinion. I met with my cardiologist to get a clean bill of health. Now I kick *kitten* doing cardio.
  • paulperryman
    paulperryman Posts: 839 Member
    I'm no expert obviously and you should seek professional advice, not anyone here, all i can tell you is what my doctor and trainer said
    You shouldn't reach your maximum heart rate unless you have an issue or are taking some sort of stimulant like caffeine (alot), it's suggested for the best burn you should aim keep it at 70-85% of maxium for aslong as possible but any higher for an extended period or even briefly if you are unlucky and you risk any number of heart issues or blood pressure problems. Doesn't mean you will

    but as others said your heart rate will fluctuate anyway and as you progress the average will reduce overtime, your body gets more efficient and sending oxygen and blood around the body and the heart doesn't have to work as hard, or in the case of me i have to take blood pressure medicine and on average my HR is 10-20% lower then it was b4 unless i push it like jogging for a few mins or doing a constant circuit training then i can get it upto 170 or higher

    and there's no benefit to going above 85%, thats the theoretical sweet spot for anyone, now all you need to do is work out what your maximum heart rate
  • Dani19711
    Dani19711 Posts: 33
    If it is your theoretical HR (220 - age) you'll be fine. If you want to be sure about the condition of your heart, go see your doctor :)
  • meeper123
    meeper123 Posts: 3,347 Member
    Great advice all around i will make an appointment for check up
  • tomg33
    tomg33 Posts: 305 Member
    If you're worried it's worth seeing a doctor. Everyone is different however and the theoretical (220 - age) is only a rough estimate. Some people can sit right near "100%" whereas for me if I'm at or above 90% then I won't be doing it long because it probably means I'm bloody hill sprinting!
  • SharpieV
    SharpieV Posts: 26 Member
    It's not.

    If your doctor has said you're fit to exercise and you agree, you're as fit to exercise as anyone else probably is.

    As another poster said, the exercise you do today that really makes your heart race will be old hat and won't have the same cardio impact in a couple weeks if you keep it up. Now, otoh, my theoretical max heart rate of 196 (220-28) is bogus. I work out hard, and mix it up, and regularly have my heart rate pushing 203 on the machine monitors, though of course I can only keep it up for a few minutes before having to slow down. The workout I did a month ago that did that for me then wouldn't have near the impact now, because I'm fitter. And that's why I do it. I WANT to increase my cardiovascular efficiency, and to do so, you've got to go to the higher end. I am not saying people should TRY to hit their max theoretical heart rate, just that if you're not working so hard that sometimes you need to take a break and catch your breath, you're probably not doing much to increase your cardiovascular fitness either.
  • DavPul
    DavPul Posts: 61,406 Member
    How bad? Who said it was bad at all?
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    IMO unless you feel dizzy and pass out, you shouldn't worry. Seeing a doctor doesn't hurt though
  • mouseketeer
  • NavyKnightAh13
    NavyKnightAh13 Posts: 1,394 Member