Who else LOVES the myfitnesspal app?

I have been through this process of losing weight more times that I would like to admit, mainly because I either gain it back over time or never succeed in losing it in the first place. I found the app for my phone by chance and have fallen in love. My issue before is that I always thought that I was eating right...but I really had no idea how many calories I was actually eating.

I have been using the app for 2 months now and have already lost 25 lbs. :happy:

It is so easy to keep track of everything that I eat each day and also track the calories that I am burning at the gym. When I first started I was only going about 2-3 times a week...now I am going 4-5 times a week and am getting stronger/better each time.

There is no stopping me now...I'm on a roll :bigsmile:


  • Josephina57
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    Congrats on your progress, I just love the app, it is my lifeline.
  • lambchristie
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    02oakleyb29 ... your words/story are my words/story too!

    I log at the office, out to dinner, on the go. No little piece of paper to lose.

    FUN FUN FUN :):flowerforyou:
  • Total game changer for me. Logging has made me hyper aware of what I'm eating and eliminated the excuses--"you deserve this, you've had a tough day, I'll make up for it tomorrow, etc." Also made me aware of how ridiculously caloric going out to dinner can be/is--some bread and butter, an appetizer, main course, share a dessert, few drinks, 3,000-4,000 calories before you even know it.

    Best weight loss tool I've ever come across, ever. And I've been battling this my whole life.
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    Love it!
  • MyFitnessPal as been a lifestyle changer. I have been trying to change my lifestyle for a very long time and back in early Feb I went to a class that recommended I write everything down. I did and that did start my weight loss, but I found it to be too time consuming and a pain in the but.... I found MyFitnessPal and a couple others and within two weeks I was sold on MyFitnessPal which is why I believe I have lost 26 lbs in the last five weeks. But I just found by looking in App's section an app called. Endormondo and it tracks all my walking and uploads it to MFP. If you have not tried this, you need to. It's a great combination and I believe it will help me reach my goals

    Thanks MFP
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    I would be lost without it. It has helped me change my life.
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    I like the site better!
  • linsey0689
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    I love it, I can't even see myself just ever stopping using it
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    I was just talking about that to someone last night.....I had previously been entering everything I ate into a home made spreadsheet. It was a lot of work! I did lose 40lbs in 2 yrs but entering everything manually took a lot of time. I just discovered MyFitnessPal & after using it only for a few days I'm really liking it. It's a lot easier & takes much less time to manage everything. I particularly like being able to scan foods in w/ the bar code scanner. Also being able to sync things up between work & home computers & phone is great! So yes, I am a fan!
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    I unninstaled my app about week ago, bcs I have phone with really small memory, and I MUST install it back. I can't be without it! xD
  • weightloss12345678
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    luv the app for a couple years now, must give credit where credit is due. helped me lose over 70 lbs so far
  • weightloss12345678
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    oooo and let me add MFP was one of the FIRST if not the FIRST calorie counter app with the bar code scanner for FREE
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    the app is amazing! it keeps me honest :) ive only been back 11 days and ive lost 3lbs. 1 more lb to go then maintenance mode!
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    hahaha SmileCozYouCan your avatar is awesome :)
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    It's a great little app.......Love it.
  • I totally rely on the app, as it helps me with logging my food and water intake throughout the day. I just wish the app gave us the ability to use the forums........
  • I do!!!! The barcode scanner makes it so much easier. I ve tried other apps and they just have no data base! I also have my striiv app configured to mfp and it's so awesome!! All of my exersize syncs right over I don't even have to do anything!

  • But I just found by looking in App's section an app called. Endormondo and it tracks all my walking and uploads it to MFP. If you have not tried this, you need to. It's a great combination and I believe it will help me reach my goals

    I just downloaded it and I hope it works as well as you said. Most of the time I walk indoors with a Leslie walk at home video from youtube because either I can't get out due to weather or the kids. We are just now hitting the 40's and soon 50's and I'll start to take the kids out on walks but I never know what pace to right down. I'm hoping it will show me good maped areas to walk to. I have lived here all my life but never know where to walk.

    I'm hoping to get in shape enough to feel comfortable hiking. I live in PA along the Appilacian trail mountains and would love to enjoy the natural beauty around me,
  • lady_in_weighting
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    I couldnt live without it! its helped me gain weight :)
  • Trilby16
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    It has changed my life. Eight weeks ago I couldn't even imagine exercising regularly. I had a spare tire that was making me miserable. Now I'm shooting for my college weight! This website put it all together for me-- logging my food is easy, and I started making time and making the effort to exercise because of the motivation and information from others I've found here.

    Now some of y'all are annoying-- telling people what to do when NOBODY ASKED YOU! (Eat-more people-- I'm looking at you!)

    But my experience here is great and I intend to stay with it (down 9 pounds so far) and I tell anyone who'll listen about it. I even click on ads sometimes.