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I need help choosing a jogging stroller. i don't want to spend an insane amount of money but I want something that's durable. I don't really run, mostly walking, but I love to walk on mountain trails so really rough terrain. Any suggestions? Thank you!!


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    If you are mostly walking/hiking I would skip the jogging stroller and go for a carrier. I loved my Ergo for this when my son was smaller. It is good up to 40 pounds and puts very little stress on your shoulders and back. The only bad thing was he grew out of it before the weight limit was reached because he was so tall.
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    I use a Bob Stroller and have the Revolution SE. I do run with it and it's good for that, but it's also great for offroading and going along on trails. As with any stroller it can be a challenge if the terrain gets too tough, but a backpack or carrier is the only thing that will work in those conditions.
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    Hi! I recently ordered the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single jogging stroller from Amazon. It was $169, which was cheaper than a lot of others I looked at. It should be here Wednesday and I can't wait to start using it!
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    I use one that pulls behind bike (you can obviously push it as well- handle is removable). I have had it for 4 years- two kids (my first two kids i used a traditional double jogging stroller and HATED it).

    The only down side is it is NOT compact. But I can fit it in the back on my mini van. I can still push my 6 year old (sometimes he wants to come along and cant keep up yet) and my 4 year old and it is light as a feather.
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    I'd find one you like, then look for it on craigslist! I found mine there and spend a fraction of what it wouldv'e cost!
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    I have the baby trend one that was the cheapest at Target.. it works find and is great offroad, however it is terrible to fold up. We have to take a wheel off to fit it in our trunk. I have a Kelty carrier and love it for hiking. Strollers just don't work for that. We also use it places that we know how brick sidewalks or are going to be crowded.
  • msrootitooti
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    As with any stroller it can be a challenge if the terrain gets too tough, but a backpack or carrier is the only thing that will work in those conditions.

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    I bought one from Babies R Us which had the car seat attachment because I started jogging when my daughter was tiny. Now she's outgrowing the car seat, but the stroller itself is still in good condition! I just need to check the wheel alignment again.
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    love the ergo and if you are hiking and your child is small enough, that would be a GREAT workout. Otherwise I have a double jogging stroller.... the InStep one and I love love love it. so easy to handle. I scored mine used off of ebay.
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    My daughter has the BOB Revolution SE and she loves it.