This is going to sound really stupid... but I'm really embarrassed to do the 30DS at home.

I live in shared accommodation and there's usually one or more of my housemates home at any one point in time. I've been using my laptop and youtube as I'm a little broke at the moment to buy the DVD, being a student and having a crappy allowance (which I think is more important to spend on fresh fruit and veg). I only started yesterday and my housemate was out... although today when I got home she's in and probably will be for the whole evening.

Is it really stupid to feel embarrassed. I just don't know how to get over that really uncomfortable feeling. I have my laptop in my room so it's not like a communal area - but even so she'll hear me exercising in my room I'm sure.

I know this is a bit of a stupid post, but it's been worrying me all day.

H :(


  • liznotyet
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    Depending on what floor you live in, how old your house is, how smelly your sweat is, etc. I would give your housemates the courtesy of a warning and veto power if they find it annoying/offensive/obtrusive. If you take your laptop to school with you maybe you could use the school gym instead. The crash pad I shared when I was in college had rattly floors and paper thin walls - I would have shook the house like an earthquake if I had done a jumping jack in there! (no privacy for any other loud activity either.) These days I work out on the ground floor or outside.
  • jess_goobie
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    I lived with 3 roomates in a 2 bedroom apt in college so I shared a room. I just say from expierence tell them what your doing and ask them if they want to tag along. Make a joke about it. Be like the ground might shake a little, the lights may flicker but ill be shredding some fat. And if all else fails do it when they arent home.
  • squatsandlipgloss
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    I'm sorry to hear that. You shouldn't be embarrassed about working on your health! If you talk to your roommates let them know you'll be working our and it'll be a lot less uncomfortable knowing that they'll know why they hear you jumping around.
  • hbunting86
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    Yeah - that's why the gym/fitness classes are a big 'no' for me as I'm too self conscious.

    I guess my jumping around for 20 minutes is no worse than when they come home loud and drunk at 4am...
  • jillybean0123
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    I actually struggle with that too. My sister and her boyfriend live in my house and I am embarrassed to do the 30DS when they are home. They are both in really good shape and he does some sort of MMA-Insanity-esque workout thing and I don't like the idea of seeing me struggle though even doing a crappy job of doing modified pushups. The living room is the only room in the house with enough space for me to work out so the thought of doing it while anyone is home terrifies me. I do it anyway but I'm always terrified.
  • hbunting86
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    I totally hear you - feel free to add me :)

    I look a complete mess when I do this. My room has massive windows too which another house looks on to so I really can't escape. I'm just going to have to suck it up and get on with it for the half hour I look a complete idiot. I'm hoping it's worth the embarrassment in the end!

    I guess even the fittest among us had to start somewhere...
  • DavPul
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    i find that if i do anything often enough i stop being self conscious about it but if i constantly try to avoid it i will stay embarrassed about it forever. choose which way you'd rather be