What do you consider a cup of water?

I had a discussion recently with some co-workers at work. About what is an actual cup of water to them...a measuring cup worth or an 8oz glass?? To me I would think the full glass..but after about 4 within 1 day I start feeling water logged.

What is a cup to you?


  • Mlkmaid
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    Technically a cup would be an 8 oz. measure just liked you'd measure any liquid when cooking. I drink 2 liters a day minimum. If you fill a glass to the top you may be getting as much as 16 oz., depending on the size of the glass.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I count mine as 8oz.
  • cidalia73
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    8 ounces / 250 ml.

    If you use a liquid measuring cup (not a baking measuring cup), it should measure 250 ml, so same thing.

    I can't always drink 8 glasses. I don't think I need to. I drink as much as I can (I add splashes of fruit or drink unsweetened tea to help), but I figure, since I eat a lot of vegetables most days, I do get some of my fluid intake from that as well. I feel water logged at 6 glasses. Haven't made it to 8 yet.
  • bellaa_x0
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    i was also confused by this; however, i don't log my water consumption merely because i drink at MINIMUM 10 poland spring water bottles (the 16.9 fl oz ones) a day, which i figure is more than plenty either way.
  • 3dogsrunning
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    1 cup measuring cup, 8 oz, 250 ml. I have glasses that I measure how much they hold and they hold 2 cups, 500 mls so when I drink a glass, I log 2 cups.
  • determined_erin
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    One glass of water is 8 oz.
  • fbmandy55
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    Well according to my Measuring cups, 8 oz IS equal to one cup. Therefore, I consider a cup of water 8 oz.
  • imchicbad
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  • jenns1964
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    I use a 24 oz cup which is 3 Cups. I drink that 5-6 times a day.
  • nskerr
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    8oz. If you want to drink the correct amount per day you need 4 Poland Spring or other bottled water brands.
  • natacha305
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    I use to count a 16 oz water bottle as a "cup"

    today my styrifoam cup is a "cup of water"

    but like every one else i just eyeball it and make sure its 8 oz
  • mmddwechanged
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    I would answer this two ways: 1) a measuring cup or 2) any container shaped vessel that you drink out of. Either way, my thinking hasn't interfered with my scale victory:)
  • TwinkieDong
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    8 oz a day. Really the number of glasses/cups a day doesnt matter as long as it comes out clear.
  • kbeech06
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    LOL, it would be 8 oz. I use one of hubby's pint glasses all day and just keep refilling it. I tend to not log it exactly because I lose track. I know I drink plenty though.
  • Pixi_Rex
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    8fl. ounces is 1 cup of water. That is what I consider 1 cup of water, that is what I drink for 1 cup of water.

    Its really not the difficult.
  • bumblebums
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    I can sort of see where the confusion comes from. The "standard advice" you see all over the place is to drink "at least 8 glasses of water a day." Not 8 cups, but 8 glasses. To me, a glass is a pint. I drink my water from a pint glass. So 8 pints would be kind of a hard goal to achieve, except on a hot summer day while hiking through the dessert with a cart of water maybe.

    But yeah, I believe the standard advice is supposed to imply 8 8-oz cups of water, which is half a gallon. This does not take into account body size so it's kind of ridiculous as advice goes.

    More here:

  • ShellyBell999
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    A cup of water is:

    thirst quenching.

    It fits into whatever size device I have to put it in.

    I drink about 2 liters a day.
  • yamsteroo
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    Here in the UK the 'cup' measurement isn't widely used so I had to ask this question myself a while back.

    I log it everyday but I've no problems drinking 2L of water a day.

    Not that I think I'm anywhere near it, but is there a *maximum* amount someone should drink? Obviously doing a marathon in a desert would increase how much you need but I'm talking normal day, doing a bit of lifting but nothing spectacularly sweaty for hours!
  • well I use a 1 liter bottle to measure..It was difficult to drink a single bottle when I started out but now I consume 3-4 liters a day easily.:smile: