Idols and people who motivate us?

Do any of you out there have people that you idolise and help keep you motivated to lose weight more? I don't mean in the unhealthy way, but sometimes it is positive to have people that make you realise that you can actually be the weight and person you want to be, especially if you've been there before.

Here's mine, an old friend:


She's an alternative photographer and possibly the coolest person I know. We don't really talk much any more but even though we don't I'll always sort of look up to her because I know she's been bigger before and she managed to lose weight, and she's everything that I want to be. She's had struggles in the past but I think she's beautiful and I will always strive to better myself as long as she's around. She makes me remember the fun I used to have, and happy times, and that I can go back to being myself again as long as I work for it.

Who do you look up to?


  • mo1700
    mo1700 Posts: 78 Member
    That's a beautiful pic and post, can see why u would look up to her.

    I get a lot of motivation from on here but don't think I have I main person I look up to, my niece has recently lost nearly 4 stone which is pretty inspirational!
  • soundasleepx
    That's definitely inspirational!!! :D You can definitely look at her progress to help you. I also go to because it has loads of before and after weight loss pictures which is REALLY helpful when you feel you can't do it! :D Thanks for replying btw, didn't think anyone would!
  • taunto
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    Most of my friends list. Oh and Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Maddow and Marlee Matlin :)
  • watcheronthewall
    Lots of celebs like Rachel Bilson
  • casy84
    casy84 Posts: 290 Member
    Very beautiful. I wish I had the courage to get pink hair :))
    At first I was inspired by my highschool memories of myself, but now that I'm there.. not so much :D.
  • tonytoo
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    Tom Venuto.
  • Capt_Apollo
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    in my opinion, idols and looking at others for motivation is not sustainable and not healthy. They are not you, and you are not them. WHile similarities might be present, there are a lot of differences that play a part in factors such as time, genetics, diet, and exercise.

    my advice to everyone is to just be yourself.

    unless you can be Batman. ALWAYS be Batman.
  • mogletdeluxe
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    Slebs and peeps in the public eye? Gina Carano is #1, largely because her body is my absolute ideal - strong, feminine and sexy. Also fairly attainable for someone like me - hopefully :)

    There are a few women on my friends list who absolutely astound me on a daily basis - liftnlove is one, as are sDurrahMpls and SmileyBooLiz. All for different reasons, but each remind me that anything is possible. I have a great support network on here.

    And a gentleman named Walt who attends my Zumba class - he's 75, got moves like nothing else and is absolutely full of life - just showing that age is nothing but a number.
  • Emily_20x
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    Demi Lovato :3

    She's gone through so much and shes still staying strong.
    I've been through some of the stuff that she has, shes literally saved my life.
    She's my inspiration to stay here.