Started MFP again...

Hi I'm Heather!

At my previous job one of my co-workers had showed me this app I used it for a few days on and off but never stuck to it. I claimed i was unhappy with my weight and wanted to change but just wasnt motivated...I guess I really wasnt ready.

As of 4/1/13 I knew I was done with being over weight. About 5 years ago I was 140lbs and yet I still felt "big" at 5'7 age 18, but looking back I wish I was that size again. I got with my current bf at 19 and over the years have gained weight to where I was 210lbs.

I started back on MFP with using a 1200 cal diet to turn into lifestyle change. I have went to the gym doing mainly cardio and some circut training at home with our WII. I have lost 4lbs so far and I hope to continue to stay on track! I feel like I am more motivated and feel like I recently had the epiphany that I am ready to lose weight and feel good and healthy.

I love seeing/hearing success stories they are really what keeps me motivated and I love watching the Biggest Loser. My goal is to love 50lbs..I havent set a date maybe I should?..idk but I would like to one day be back to 140lbs again!


  • Jules221
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    Add me if you want. I am 44 and have been on the up and down scale since having kids. Getting back on track though.
  • j_ringsaker
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    Careful watching the Biggest Loser. Their methods aren't healthy, they manipulate the contestants and the results and you'll find yourself getting discouraged when you work your *kitten* off and don't drop 12 lbs in a week like they do on the show.
  • xDaniix
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    Hey! you can add me if you like! im log on from the app everyday! and try get on the message bords as much as i can! lets do this!! :D
  • CaiteRie
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    You can add me. I am tired of being overweight and restarting my weightloss with mfp too.
  • ALittleBitLess1
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    Well done for getting started again! but has MFP recomended 1200cals, sound a bit low for your height/BMI - I on on 1200 and am only 5ft2.
    good luck
  • Heather032190
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    thanks everyone for the motivation!
  • Heather032190
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    MFP didnt recommend it, this was something I have decided on my own..yes 1200 seems like not enough but I make sure I get in alot of protien.

    Good luck with yours!