30 Day Shred

Have you tried it? Did it work for you? I have started and yesterday was day 2 for me. I am not needing to lose weight but I do have some places to firm up and gain muscle. Is this a good thing to do for this?


  • KaltieEm
    KaltieEm Posts: 73 Member
    I finished 30 day shred last fall, I also lowered my calorie intake (but didn't count it), and the results were great! I only had a few pounds to lose so didn't see much change on the scale, but my stomach got more flat, I lost some of my muffin tops, and got some definition in my muscles. Overall, I liked the program. After you're done with it you can go ahead and try Ripped in 30, which is similar to Shred but a little bit more difficult (week 3 really kicked my butt, today I'm starting week 4 and I can't wait to see if it's harder than week 3). Good luck :)
  • EnuffaMyButt
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    I'm starting 30 day shred today! I'd welcome a partner! Send me a message if interested.
  • girlfromOklahoma
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    Today is my 27th day of 30DS. The last time I measured I had lost 8 inches overall. It has done a great job toning me all over. I think you'll be pretty satisfied with the results.
  • MsJourno
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    Yes, absolutely, I do not need to lose weight either, just toning up. Am on Level 2 now and already delighted with the ab definition and the general toning. Have not lost much weight though, but definitely feeling smaller and tighter.

    Go for it. You will love it!
  • cook6609
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    If you are looking to tone, you will definitely get it from the 30 Day Shred... I'm on level 3 day 7... Yea for 3 days left!!! At the halfway point (level 2 day 5/ day 15), I had lost 4.8 inches.. A lot of the inches were from my waist... It definitely will tone you.
  • JonnaM0916
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    Thanks everyone I started it but wanted to make sure that's something that would be good for what I am trying to achieve! Thanks so much! :smile:
  • Jules221
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    I have done 30 day shred, but now doing Jillian Michael's body revolution and turbofire (beachbody) instead. Add me if you want for workout support.
  • JonnaM0916
    JonnaM0916 Posts: 113
    I have done turbo fire as well! It is a good cardio workout for sure!