How much $$$ on groceries?



  • I spend about 400-500 a month for two adults and two toddlers. I shop at Aldi for a lot of our food but go to a local grocery store for produce when farmers markets don't have much. We are planning to plant some of our own this season so that will help too.

    I plan our meals and I cook in bulk and freeze meals. I don't coupon but I do shop sales.
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    I average about $80 for my husband, 2 year old, and myself and live in the Chicago suburbs. Now I'm questioning the quality of foods I'm buying...
    The only processed foods I buy are cereal and an occasional package of crackers for my son...
    We do eat out once a week, but I'm still spending half of what others are and that's with an additional person...

    I am single and just for me alone, I spend over $50-60 a week. You need to teach us your tricks because that is amazing! ;-)
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    Fresh foods cost more, but think of it this way, medical bills from eating bad food cost even more than the good, fresh foods I built my first box garden this weekend...hopefull it will help with the insane prices for fresh vegetables and I can control the quality, and what is added to the soil, etc.
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    I spend about $500 a month for my husband, myself and our 2 year old son. Mostly fresh produce and meats but some pre-packaged snacks for the little man and frozen lean cuisines for busy nights or lunches at work.

    I do think it depends where you are. I currently live in Canada and find it to be the most expensive for groceries. Lived in London England and spent way less, but I find the US even cheaper! I love grocery shopping when we go to our holiday home in Vegas because everything is soooo cheap! Steak and lobster, shrimp and scallops almost every night. I don't understand why Canada is sooo much more expensive?
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    Wow...maybe I am better than I thought. I spend less than $400 a month and there is anywhere between 2-6 people to feed. I start my list on what is on sale and build meals around that. I don't by many packaged snacks, usually one or two small things and that is usually only every other week when we have all four kids. I do not use coupons as it leads to me buying stuff I wouldnt normally buy.
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    i forgot to mention i am stocking up for my new gluten free "vegan" lifestyle right now, so a lot of expensive things (gluten free flour, gluten free ketchup etc) are things I have bought recently to stock my pantry. it will probably level out to 350 and this is including all toiletries etc. thank you for all of the amazing tips! i appreciate it!
  • My husband and I are lucky. We live next to a grocery store, a cheaper grocery store, and a dollar store.
    Our dollar store has a produce and frozen food section as well. So we sometimes get lucky with fresh veggies and fruit and canned goods. We try to stay away from unhealthy frozen meals due to gluten issues. They even have fresh milk and eggs.

    Although for most it probably isn't an option, check out your local dollar stores and/or bargain grocery stores.
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    also i live in a really rural area so everything is going to be way more expensive, i was wondering about buying health foods on the internet, but then there's the guilt of not buying it at the local food co-op :/
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    I spend about $350/month on all groceries for two adults, a toddler, and two doberman pincers. I shop primarily at Costco and the local grocery store.

    1. I do all my own baking, thereby paying only $.71 per loaf for whole grain bread. I don't eat as much bread as I used to because I have to take the time to make it first.
    2. I make all my legumes from dried rather than canned. It takes a little longer, but I do all my prep on weekends.
    3. I buy my meats bulk and re-cut and freeze them myself.
    4. I tend to buy only fruits and veggies that are "in season." I have had to learn more recipes to accommodate things like squash that I didn't previously cook with.
    5. For whatever reason, Walgreens charges $.75/gallon less for milk consistently than any other grocery store in my area... We drink a lot of milk.

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    Honestly, it depends on where you live. That sounds about right for my husband and I b/c we live in a HCOLA (high cost of living area). However, the reason for this is that I buy alot of things on sale and in bulk, esp meat/chicken/fish and it is organic.
    I would definitely get fruits and veggies in season.
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    Family of 9 here. I spend about 1400 a month in food. That myself, and 7 kids ages 14 to 2 yrs.
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    We spend about $600 for 2 people. My husband is a big eater and typically eats several servings of food... Even though we mostly buy healthy foods are main money goes to meat, cereal, and beverages because he refuses to drink anything but sweet tea!
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    We are a family of 6 and spend about 800$ a month for food. I don't include dog/cat food or toiletries in that. I just shop the perimeter more than anything. I don't use coupons or anything. Buy as little proceed food as possible. I buy things like my Coconut oil on amazon and we also do some stocking trips up to Tucson to go to a Sam's. I meal plan and I know that helps a lot.

    Eating healthy here can be pretty pricey though, that's really a lot to do with the location. Getting fresh produce is where all the money goes.
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    Eating healthy can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. Eating a lot of dried beans, oats, brown rice, frozen fruits and vegetables, cheaper fish and meat, canned tuna, eggs, etc. vs. eating organic grass fed meat, fresh out of season or out of region vegetables, fruits and fish, quinoa, etc. will make a huge difference in your healthy food budget.
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    $1000 for us (2 adults, 2 kids aged 10 and 7.) I am very picky about things being organic though so I know that adds a little bit. We don't buy meat but seems I am at the store every 3 days because we run out of produce like mad. No cans, no frozen. I think we eat a lot. Haha We don't have any doctor bills though and I think that is due to eating healthy.
  • I would say for just me I spend in a given week anywhere from $35-$60. Depends if I need to get any bulk items that last for weeks or months. I would say a normal week would be $45-$55 though.

    Same here, although if we don't count stuff like foil or garbage bags or whatever, it's nearer to the $35 end, usually.
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    thats a really great idea to only do the "inside ailses" once a month!! totally going to use that:)
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    Family of four, two adults and a 11 and 13 year old girls, around $800/month for groceries. Does not count any eating out. It does include toiletries, paper goods, etc.
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    We spend from $500 - $600, for a family of four. My boys are young 3 and 5. And I do A LOT of couponing! I probably save us around $150 - $200 a month.

    This is does not include eating out, I really wish we could cut back on that.
  • My husband and I with 2 kids spend about 400 a month. We freeze the salads from Walmart and most produce to help save money. Nothing is ever frozen over 2wks here. We do spend about 50 more in the summer months because we buy watermelon and corn on the cob. Not to mention we grill more too in the summer.