What are you most looking forward to?

When you get to your goal weight?


  • Amy11108
    Amy11108 Posts: 74
    Dancing without getting out of breath before 1 song ends :) Being able to move around freely without worrying about if my clothes are moving and showing anything I don't want seen!
  • ivichiong
    Not fearing bathing suit season!
  • concordancia
    concordancia Posts: 5,320 Member

    My partner is willing to take a class as soon as our weights match - his current weight is within my healthy range.
  • Cassierocksalot
    Cassierocksalot Posts: 266 Member
    Making babies!!
  • jojohnson090
    Shopping!!! I haven't felt happy going shopping in like, 3 years. I will be SO excited!! :D Clothes are starting to get a little big on me now.... can't wait for the final product :)
  • 1two3four
    1two3four Posts: 413 Member
    Serious answer: Not feeling like a failure anymore.

    Fun answer: Shopping for clothes.
  • jmorrisof2
    jmorrisof2 Posts: 108 Member
    There are several things I am looking forward to. The biggest thing is finally being confortable in my own skin. I find that I am always adjusting my clothes because I am unconfortable. Another thing is being able to fit into fashionable clothes and feel that I look good. Now, I will put something on and think I look good but then walk past a mirror and think "what the heck was I thinking!" Lol. I can't wait to buy a swimsuit. I have had my last one for years. It was retired this past summer because it is falling apart. So it is extra incentive for me to get to goal by the summer so I can swim with the kids. I am miserable in the summer. I am not letting my weight run my life anymore.
  • siwilso
    siwilso Posts: 7
    fitting back into size medium shirts and single digit pants! maybe even a small shirt on a good day(:
  • AmyMgetsfit
    AmyMgetsfit Posts: 636 Member
    Riding my bike without hauling an extra 40lbs and not get winded because of it and definitely clothes shopping.
  • LovesDoctorWho

    My partner is willing to take a class as soon as our weights match - his current weight is within my healthy range.

  • Ashwee87
    Ashwee87 Posts: 695 Member
    Actually loving myself, for once.
  • Linkdapink
    Linkdapink Posts: 128 Member
    Being able to use the rest of my clothes! Hopefully fitting into that dress that is just "too cute" to throw away (despite it being a hand-me-down at age 17, and I'm now 23!)
  • dakotababy
    dakotababy Posts: 2,406 Member
    My sleeve, and my photo shoot.
  • Steffani911
    Steffani911 Posts: 196 Member
    My stomach NOT flapping against my thighs when I do jump squats. Oh and clothes..... lots and lots of clothes. :)

    Had to edit to add the not flapping.
  • jillybean0123
    jillybean0123 Posts: 238 Member
    Going shopping with my sister and not feeling like I'm being judged everywhere I go.

    I'm tired of the "what are you doing, you are too big to shop here." looks, even if they only exist in my head.
  • squishyjenn
    squishyjenn Posts: 245 Member
    Shopping. I plan on setting 1,000$ aside just for that.

    Wearing shorts. Like REAL short shorts.

    Wearing dresses that make me look cute.

    Feeling less like a cherub in a wig when my hair is long.

    Running and not looking stupid.

    Working out and not looking stupid lol
  • PattiBear85
    PattiBear85 Posts: 24 Member
    To know that I am as good looking as I think I am.

    And alot cuter clothes! I refuse to wear all animal prints. A big girl could be mistaken as wild game with some of the prints they come up with!
  • beautifulctb
    Being able to get up to my third floor without being out of breath every time and not having to shop in the Plus size stores/departments anymore. Amongst other things :-)
  • Soxgirl97
    Soxgirl97 Posts: 44 Member
    Shopping. I can't wait to enjoy buying clothes. Although I may need a second job. Haha!
  • Mermaidyo
    Mermaidyo Posts: 125 Member
    Go into any darn store I want and be able to find something in my size!

    be comfortable wearing a sports bra while running.

    Wear a two piece

    To be considered 'hot' to others standards.

    Be able to eat in public without being judged (sounds silly)

    Become a personal trainer :)
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