Stay At Home Momma's With Big Goals!!!

I am recently a SAHM, I've always worked and gone to school full time so this is a HUGE change for me! I love being a SAHM but I desperately need to shed some weight and get healthy for my baby girl and husband. I am 5'2" and at my absolute heaviest I was 270lbs. I got down to 235lbs then got pregnant. I am currently around 245lbs and my ultimate goal is 175lbs. I'm reaching for 10lb goals at a time. I would love some fellow SAHMs to maybe challenge eachother and motivate eachother to get in shape and stay in shape! Thanks!!!


  • Maridinger
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    I am a SAHM of 4 kids ages 7, 6, 3 and 9 months. I am also 5'2. I started my journey at 235 and am down to 173. My goal is 140ish. I have done it 10 pounds at a time! My goal right now I 165 and then so on.
  • I too am a SAHM and I love it! Sometimes it gets hard though. I don't see many of my friends and my sisters (I'm a triplet) both live in Georgia and I'm so far away from them, in Michigan. :o( It gets lonely for sure! I've only been using MFP for 9 days and also 9 days ago I stopped drinking pop and started drinking water. I cannot believe how different I feel and I even LOOK different already! I'd love to encourage you on your weight loss journey! I have a long way to go but I'm gonna make it happen! :)
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    I'm a sahm to 2 girls (17 mo & 3). I'm 5'6" and started at 290 on 1/2/13. I'm down about 40 lb with at least another 70 to go. You're welcome to add me. I log daily and my diary is open to friends.
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    Hello! I'm right there with you - I'm a SAHM and have been for exactly 5 years now. My boys are now 5 and 7 and they will be 6 and 8 in June. I'm STILL carrying my pregnancy weight thanks to fertility drugs and poor metabolism. 10 pounds at a time sounds like a good goal to reach for! I am just trying for 1 pound a week which I can't seem to reach due to stress from being a part-time student, part-time working for my church, and part-time working for my friend (who sells Thirty-One). I know the stress is really my problem and 2 demanding kids. :)
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    I am a SAHM of 3! And I run an in-home daycare, so I usually have about 3 extra's on top of my own! haha... I'm very close to meeting all my goals now; and am starting to really try and tone up the weight that I have lost. But I'd still love to help out with motivation! :)

    I am 5'5 and at my heaviest weighed almost 200lbs. I got down to my lowest of 110lbs before getting pregnant with #2. Then I sat at 148lbs for about 4ish years. I am currently teetering between 133-135lbs, down from 183lbs this time last year! That's 50lbs GONE! Thankfully! I still have about 10ish more to go; but I am not focused on a number, more so as I am about getting FIT and looking toned! I workout 4-5 days a week, for 1-2 hours a day. Sometimes I have to break it up throughout the day because of the kids -- and other times it's all because of the childcare watch at our local YMCA!

    Feel free to request me if you'd like to be friends! I like to surround myself with other momma's that know the trials & tribulations we go through gaining & losing & gaining & losing after having babies! :) Take care & best wishes to you!
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    I'm a SAHM for the past 10 years but I also work at home as a Consultant. I don't have big goals but I would like to drop another 15lbs. Currently at 140, would like to be 125, at my biggest I was 153 and am also 5'2".

    You are in the right place to suceed so congrats for taking the first step!
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    Me too, 3 kids, 4,1,and 4months. started at 235(biggest) but got serious around 210, now am 180...still reaching for 160 at least! looking for friends that are likewise for motivation. seems like everyone I know is skinny and has been for ever... they dont understand me. :( or they are bigger but dont care and eat however they want, also not helpful.
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    I'm a new SAHM ( Son is almost 5m old) and I need motivation too. It's so easy to gain weight when you stay at home. I found myself eating out of boredom, I would just always snack. But God willing, I will be able to lose 14kg and be a yummy mummy!

    Any SAHMs are free to add me....there is strength in numbers after all :)
  • JulesAlloggio
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    I'm a stay at home mom as well. I have a 6 year old and a 19 month old. I was once 125 =) Stay healthy and Live long!!
  • twingirlsmommy
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    Hola Mommies!! I have 1 year old twins & a 5 1/2 year old stepson!! Busy busy!! Just went back to work last week 2 days a week--as a care aide in our hospital!! Talk about crazy life!
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    Hi there :) I am a first time mummy to a gorgeous 13 week old boy. I have about 30kg to lose! Feel free to add me for support/motivation
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    SAHM here too. 5yo twins. I'm 5'5", 187lb currently, trying to get to 140 and maybe 130.
  • I am a SAHM also if you'd like to add me , I have two boys ages 3,1 :)
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    I'm a SAHM to two boys ages (almost) 5 and 20 months! I get my work outs in when my "baby" takes his afternoon nap. However I'm looking to get a job soon because money has been pretty tight! So we will see how much longer I'll be one!
  • Tatyanakuster
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    I'm at sahm mom too!! I have two kids a son who is 3 and a one year old daughter :) starting weight was around 270 current weight 233 and my first goal is to get under 200 then down to around 185 then I'll reevaluate at that point. I'm 5'3"and 31 years old. I think motivation is the key to success so please feel free to add me and if you start a sham with big goal group please send me an invite!! I love the ten pounds at a time mini goal!! Good luck everyone :)
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    I'm a SAHM as well. I have an 8 month old daughter, feel free to add me. I have about 100lbs to lose. Already lost 25lbs, woohoo! :)
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    SAHM here of 2 beautiful children. I have been a SAHM for almost 2 years now and although I love it I am still getting used to it. I went from taking care of a toddler 24/7 and teaching 50 hrs a week to being able to stay at home and raise my kids. I have to admit I miss my adult time but it is all worth it and I feel blessed to be able to. The day after I had my daughter in June of 2011 I had hit 235, the next couple months I went down to 216 (I'm 5'3 and 25 years old). After being tired of making excuses for my weight I got serious about in August of 2012 and I am now down to 168 as of this morning! Feel free to add me, we can motivate each other!!
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    Another SAHM here. My son just turned 4 and my daughter is 18MO. I started on MFP in June last year at 323lbs and have lost 100lbs. I have another 60lbs to go before I even hit the top of my healthy BMI bracket, so I'll be around for a while yet.

    Anyone in interested in more friends can add me. You will at least have an understanding ear on the days you want to moan about life :)