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struggling.... :(

Help...! Im very confused. I have managed to lose 23lbs since the start of February, and i was so close to reaching a total lost weight of 2stone, but unfortunatly i put on 1lb one week, then another 1lb the next week, then lost 1lb and now ive put on 1lb AGAIN! I dont understand whats going wrong...:mad: I have been keeping within my 1200Kcals for the day and have been exercising everyday (Mon-Gym 1hr Tues-Zumba 1hr Wed-Gym 1hr Thurs-Gym 1hr) which i thought would help but to be honest seems to be making it worse. Everyone keeps telling me that it will be my muscle building up with all the exercise as muscle weighs more than fat... but its very disheartning. Any tips on what i should do to try and get a boast? I have purchased some Adios Max tablets which are meant to help in losing weight and i am to start taking them on Tuesday. I am losing weight for my best friends wedding which i am bridesmaid... and my dress was fitted on me in February and now has to be taken in as is far too big now, which is great news:bigsmile: , but i have my final fitting at the end of July and hoped to have at least lost 2.5 stone by then!:ohwell:


  • AshleyMaire
    I f you are exercising like you are - 1200 calories is NOT enough. When you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode (that's the best way to put it), and you begin to hold on to fat - your body stores it because it feels it's in crisis. figure out your should never, ever eat less than that amount of calories in a day if you are exercising. Don't buy into that building muscle bull**** either - you're starving yourself. I struggled with this for a long time - trust me if you feed your body right you'll not only begin losing again, you're feel better with more energy and will never have to take any supplements (you really shouldn't take those - in the long run they'll just be an addiction - been there too)
  • Maggie47
    Maggie47 Posts: 1 Member
    I am in awe of your amazing results! Congratulations on an amazing feat, well done, fantastic and you go girl. I hear you about your weight gain and recognize your concerns / fears. These are a couple of things I know....vary your diet - are you eating the same foods or similiar foods every day? Change them up. Talk to the trainer at your gym - is it time to change the weights on your workouts? Are you drinking all the water you need to? And yes, muscle weighs more than fat. You have made some amazing changes, meet some real challenges so this one is just a bump in the road to your goal. Don't let it put you off course. Blessings.:flowerforyou:
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    can't see your food diary so my suggestions may be redundant. cut out white flour, white sugar and any high fructose corn syrup. eat within 1 hour of waking up and eat every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism burning. Keep snacks under 200 calories. There is so much more to my food plan, you can check it out at
  • clzkm
    clzkm Posts: 2
    Thanks for comments so far...

    I thought that maybe i was eating too less - but then thats what MFP has told me to eat to lose up to 2lbs a week. Perhaps i maybe should edit my profile, as i am probably doing more exercise now than what i was when i started this. My BMR is 1532kcals.... what does this mean??!!

    I am looking to try and change my ways from this week coming up by eating more often. At the moment il eat aprox 180kcals for breakfast at around 8am, then maybe about 450kcals for lunch at 1pm, then aprox 500kcals for dinner at around 7pm and the rest of my kcals are made up from a snack around 3.30pm which is always under 100kcals. Someone has suggested i should maybe be eating at say 8am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm to try keep my metabolism burning.

    I think i need to get my head out of the thinking "eating more will make you put on weight", for example when i eat a bigger breakfast (2x toast, 2xscrambled egg) i feel guilty and try and have a lighter dinner or evening meal.
  • AshleyMaire
    your BMR is how many calories your body needs to simply function - i.e. breathe, have your heart beat, etc. If you did nothing at all, and ate that many calories, your weight would not when you add exercise on top of need more, and I'm guessing you're working, and doing things other than sleeping constantly. You even burn calories while you're eating for digestion.