Amylynn Posts: 242 Member
What is the best tasting, most nutritious low cal bread that you guys can suggest to me for sandwiches?


  • MaybeImNot
    MaybeImNot Posts: 122 Member
    I really like the Sandwich Thins. Or the Arnold High Fiber (not low calorie persay but I don't mind because the ingredients/nutrients are worth it)
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    Arnold or Pepperidge Farms deli flats or Trader Joes whole wheat torilla wraps.
  • PJilly
    PJilly Posts: 21,767 Member
    I like the sandwich thins too. I've tried wheat and honey, but whole wheat is by far my favorite.
  • Jenks
    Jenks Posts: 349
    I like the thins as well, although I try not to do sandwiches. If it's something you could put on a large cracker I like the Wasa Crackers, I've tried the Multi-Grain, Fiber and Light Rye ones so far. The Light Rye is my favorite.
  • HeidiRodzen
    HeidiRodzen Posts: 455 Member
    We have Hannaford in our area and their light wheat bread is only 70 calories for 2 slices. It serves its purpose and keeps the calories low.
  • Jes21sica
    Jes21sica Posts: 90 Member
    I like the Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread. It's 80 cals a slice. They also have really good tortillas that are a pretty good size and only 150 cals
  • mamaDaisyJ
    mamaDaisyJ Posts: 395
    My three primary breads are
    Nature's Own 100% Whole Grain, sugar free ~ 50 calories per slice
    Earth Grains Whole Grain Thin Buns ~ 100 calories per bun
    Flat Out 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flatbread (so many flavors) ~ 90 calories ~ these are perfect for a huge wrap of veggies and hummus.

    Good luck finding one you like :)
  • Amylynn
    Amylynn Posts: 242 Member
    Thank you everyone. I like the sandwich thins too. I will try some of the actual bread selections.
  • kayemme
    kayemme Posts: 1,782 Member
    we make all our own breads so that we can keep the purity in them. good bread with good ingredients - whatever the calories are, i'm down with it. if it's a milky bread, then i just eat less of it.

    it's not much different in calories, but i know for sure there's no hydrogenated oils in it... and sometimes i add things like oatmeal or flax seed for kicks.
  • Amy_B
    Amy_B Posts: 2,323 Member
    I like the sandwich thins also, but my other two faves are Healthy Life and Aunt Millie's Light. Both have about 70 calories for 2 slices and more fiber than other breads I've tried.